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  1. Re: Luca Toni I agree totti is playing fantastic at the moment. the reason why totti didn't play as googd as he usually does in the World cup was because he wasn't fully fit. and i also agree with lampard decreasing
  2. ye but he hasn't been playing so his rating must go down he may have proved that hes a world class player in the pass but that was in the past
  3. i dont think owen's rating should be 95 because he hasn't been playing much because of his injurey. and when he cums back from injurey he wont play well because lack of games. and 95+ rating is for world class players i dont think he is a world class player any more his rating should go down.
  4. kwl we shud sort some bussiness out
  5. i cant belive it i got juve yey in setup 87 woo hoo
  6. i think they should be more than 3 europen chapionship. i dont get it why only 3??????
  7. i think.... 2nd leg braca 1-2 milan arsenal 0-0 villarreal
  8. oh no liverpool beat chelsea damn and i wanted to see boro nad chelsea in the final
  9. so what happens wen you play a game do you play an injured player or do you have to play with ten men??????
  10. i know thats one reason why we dont do well in europe because the ref's are more fair and do not favour juve but still juve do play well in italy and they is no excuse for the team's bad form i think it's just plain lazyness. like today i was watching the game and lazio were 1-0 up it could have been 2 but the ref said that a player that was offside was off puting the keeper, and when the player went to the ref to complain the ref sent him off. i think if juve dont book they ideas up milan could pip them to the post.
  11. i think montilivo is a very good player and that he should get played more.
  12. your right about the friendies
  13. i think toni could make a big impact on the world cup he could get quite a few goals.
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