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  1. Re: Essien or cambassio don't wanna beat around the bush so ..... don't do it, essien is in my opinion the best DM in the world and don't see him dropping anytime soon
  2. Re: Please help my Team... i'd play this formation (4-3-3 wingers) -----------------Hart----------------- Ivanovic-Chygrynskiy-Barzagli -Cissokho -----------------Song----------------- ------------Ramires-Diarra------------- Valencia----------------------Benayoun -----------------Bent------------------
  3. Re: charlie, AUSTIN he played with my cousin at Poole Town, saw him play quite a bit, great finisher, will do well
  4. ive got a couple of players from them PL in my bournemouth team, wondered what they will rise to..... Craig BELLAMY Louis SAHA Yossi BENAYOUN Emiliano INSUA Joseph YOBO
  5. Chimp


    when playing 4-3-3 with wingers, does it make much difference to play forwards in as the wingers??
  6. Re: Why Patrice Evra deserves a rise to 94! if that is the case then ashley cole deserves a rise aswell
  7. I will have enough money to buy either Deco or Cahill for my Bournemouth team in the next few days, they are pretty much the same price....deco is currently 92, cahilll is 91, which one would you buy?
  8. Re: Craig Gordon i dont think we can rule him out of the england squad just yet, i think he has still got a shout at being one of the 5 or so forwards Capello takes to SA. IF he is helping Rooney score goals, surely he cant be dismissed as an England player
  9. It has been mentioned that Capello will be looking to take at least 5 strikers to the World Cup next year?? Which 5 would you take?? My 5 would be :- Rooney Defoe Bent Crouch Owen
  10. what do we reckon?? rise? drop? stay??
  11. Chimp


    just wanted to know what people thought about Insua's rating or if anyone knows any good threads about him?
  12. ive had players on the transfer list for 2 weeks now...ive been offered Insua for 3 mill and need the money before the rating changes in England! Is there anything i can do to get bids for my players or is there a way of letting SM know about it?
  13. im bored of there being hardly any managers in the lower divisions come join!! were about to start season 3 tomorrow so it would be a great time to join.....
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