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  1. Re: Help With Deal(s) Thread... german , can easily turn around
  2. Re: Riferimento: Help With Deal(s) Thread... Take the psv player mate. He's got a lot more going for him at the moment
  3. Re: Help With Deal(s) Thread... Bony , I think he can still turn good
  4. Re: Liga BBVA Ratings Predictions thread Jordi alba 93/4???? Moreno Rodrigo a safe 89 , any chance of rising? Mustafi certain 89/90 Is it worth keeping inigo martinez Gaya 88/89?
  5. Re: Available GC Teams (This is NOT a Discussion Thread) palermo 42 real good squad
  6. Re: The Minor Improvments Thread don't know where really to post this but in gc 100 aston villa manager left on the 12th. it was my old side so i wanted it back. On the 13th the team while unmanaged bought three players and then one everyday till the 16th. it must be a glitch as teams when unmanaged in the first 7 days can't deal with anyone. Il be honest with you , the system you have at the moment is pathetic. A world class team when unmanaged ends up spending so much money on useless players and sells all their stars for min fee to original players team. its such a stupid idea in gold championships. please get rid of it or have a prolonged time where this doesn't happen so people take a team. one reason gc are dying is because of this , good teams get wrecked and the amount of people in a game world just gets smaller because no one wants an aston villa with their original players when neymar was there a few days earlier but left because of this dumb rule
  7. Re: Official Manchester United Thread De Gea has a year left on his contract and if he was going to sign a deal he would of done it by now. He's off to Madrid. Firstly they have Valdes so there isn't much pressure on van gaal to buy a keeper but if he should then Begovic or lloris is the number 1 and 2 pick. Personally I hate all this trade for bale rubbish. English media just love bale to much and the idea of him coming back. He just does not fit in. Depay can do what Bale does. For me United have bigger fish to fry then some bale swap. If you want to swap then go get Varane or Ramos. Someone who will make a good dam difference.
  8. Re: Available GC Teams (This is NOT a Discussion Thread) Mainz 70 Ozil Koke etc
  9. Re: The Minor Improvments Thread This is what i want changed the chat system is pathetic , why can i only talk to people when they are viewing clubs who are in the same game world as me. e.g two managers , i want to deal in c100 but he's viewing gc 33 and I'm not in there so my message won't appear on the chat unless we view the same one. whats the point of this Player concerns just get rid off , the entire point of sm for me was squad building and not playing for actual realism. Stick that for the solo game. debt needs to be sorted out , I'm in the CL and my stadium isn't increasing and I'm just losing money and theres not enough players to sell. I'm 40m in debt and i don't see the benefit of selling top players you work hard to get just to sell them because sm doesn't allow your club to grow when they have been in the CL for seasons. change back to the original player rating updates when it was all done league by league.
  10. Re: Official Manchester United Thread i read that De geas contract runs out next year. Is it true
  11. Re: Help With Deal(s) Thread... thanks lads , i did rafael for hakan calhanglu and herrmann. might be able to give away fellaini to for a combo of these karius volland bellarabi knoche mangala arnold savic more into the young players and watching them grow. at the moment my max CB is 90 so thats one thing to think about for the future as well
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