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  1. Re: -||Eredivisie Ratings-By Kunasher and Jor||- Ramon Leeuwin has had a position change without a rise today, does that mean he's not going to rise??? I've had a bid accepted for him, if he's not going to rise i'll pull the plug.
  2. Re: Sell or Keep Thanks abidicus, any one else?
  3. Re: Crotia, Serbia and Romania Any idea what these players will rise too?
  4. Hi, I have a few players who've been hanging around in my squad for a while now and haven't had a rating increase that i was hoping for. Please tell me if you think i should sell or keep the following players: Adam Collin Bayram Cetin Amir Sayoud Jhonatan Souza Elfar Freyr Helgason Astemir Sheriev Ilari Ruuth Cheers guys.
  5. Re: Otamendi + Adam Johnson = Marcelo Thanks NariN. I know abit about AJ from watch the prem but dont watch much spanish football, how good is Marcelo? Can his rating going even higher than 92? I hear he's good as an attacking LB but his weakness is defending.
  6. I can swap Otamendi and Adam Johnson for Marcelo. Is this a good deal? I know Otamendi and Adam Johnson are both good young players BUT Marcelo is Real Madrid first choice LB. Any advice would be appreciated
  7. I've put a bid in for Fabregas of £37 million yesterday and have logged on this morning to find someone else has bid £42 million and both our bids have been accepted. Can i now alter my bid in anyway? Can i withdraw my current bid and submit a new bid or will it decline as there is currently an accepted bid? Thanks in advance!
  8. Re: Lucio for Thiago Silva or Vermaelen I've put a bid in for Kompany. Any other opinions before the deal goes through???
  9. Re: N.De Jong or S.Khedira? Buy Khedira, better team and better player IMO.
  10. Re: Lucio for Thiago Silva or Vermaelen Thanks for your responses guys. I went for Thiago Silva and lost a bidding war I could get Vermaelen but i'm having second thoughts. Is he a good buy or should I go for one of the following instead: Kompany Kolo Toure Subotic Kjaer Tasci Rolando Any other suggestions welcome Cheers guys!
  11. I currently have a bid for Lucio which i'm conisdering accepting and replacing him with a younger CB such as Thiago Silva or Vermaelen. Do you think i should do this as Lucio is a higher rating? If so, Thiago Silva or Vermaelen? Thanks in advance!
  12. Hi, I've got Torres, Aguero and Milito in my squad and i'm considering selling one to raise the cash for Ozil as i need an AM and i'm a big fan of Ozil. It's between Aguero and Milito, who should i sell. Aguero hasn't got a big move this summer, Milito is 31 now.........HELP!!
  13. Re: CM needed! Busquets and Marchisio aren't available and i already have Song. That leaves me with: Fletcher Moussa Sissoko Banega Who would be the best out of these 3? Any other suggestions would be appreciated
  14. I have around 15 mill to spend on a CM, my current team is: GK - REINA CB - KJAER CB - LUCIO CB - GLEN JOHNSON WING - RONALDO WING - ROBBEN DM - SONG CM - SNEIJDER CM - ???? CF - TORRES CF - AGUERO Who would you suggest signing for the CM posistion in that team for around 15 mill??? All suggestions welcome, thanks!
  15. Re: ronaldo, iniesta, vidic??? I'd get Ronaldo, Kaka is struggling with injuries and struggling for form since moving to Real.
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