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  1. Re: Funny player names florent sinimapongolle.. can't think of any that aint been said, but some1 at my school is called ...Virginia Knobbs, and thats quite funny i think:D
  2. Re: Football Manager Live i have but the places for beta testing have already been dealt out:(
  3. Re: Football Manager Live depends on the price
  4. Re: Eazy's Caption Comp fergie had ran out of boots to throw at players or Jack was so desperate to cover up his spot for the dance he went to extreme methods
  5. Re: Football Manager Live having read the FaQ this is how it goes. real players. You start with a small wage budget all players are free agents 2 begin with. So the big players wont go at the start giving evryone a chnce. Games can be playred at any time. you can organise competitions. league is based on many different factors such as size of victory, hiow good opponet is and ov course if you wiin irr loose
  6. Re: Football Manager Live wot u mean pick dream team, u mean there sgoing to be 1million rooneys etc.???????? and 9.99 a month u have to be kidding! thats 120 quid p/a
  7. Re: Football Manager Live if its a pay per year or week thing i may not buy it if its a 1 time payment it'll do for me
  8. Re: Football Manager Live http://www.footballmanagerlive.com/en/article/88/index.html there the link, look at the screenys, looks realy good
  9. Re: Football Manager Live hang on a sec ill just get it for you:D
  10. Re: Football Manager Live its an online game (need internet) but u buy its as a console game i believe, same style as WoW.
  11. Re: Henry Joins Barca WOW RVP is going to have to step up a notch. Or arsenal need a new striker I can see Torres suiting there style or maybe forlan?????
  12. Just seen an Ad for this game. Looks a real competition for soccermanager. it doesnt use real players you make you own team but bolsters the advantage of Sega's huge budget and thus set to be a complex deep game. has anyone seen theadvert for this. i might get it. Dont worry i wont be quiting Sm guys!
  13. Re: SM 1st Poker Room Tourny IM IN 4 2NYT
  14. Re: SM 1st Poker Room Tourny ME TOO PLEASE
  15. Re: 6 points dropped all season
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