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    Chris Smith got a reaction from Sinny in The Coca-Cola Championship Rating Thread   
    I'll start with stoke ratings: feel free to contribute your own club.
    try to be as least bias as possible: do decreases as well as increases:
    SIMONSEN, Steve: 84>85 Actim Stats, the official player rating system of the Championship has rated him best keeper two years on the trot, and is currently leading the charts, premier standard, one of few players we'd keep id[f we go up
    FULLER, Ricardo 84> 85, Just instrumental to our recent success
    SHAWCROSS, 80>86...WOW 1.2million has been agreed with Man U and what a signing, best Defender in the league thus far, played most games for us and scores goals!, joint 2nd scorer in stoke with 7
    DELAP, Rory:83>82 albeit he has a throw to rival Riise, i fail to see what else he does, frequently struggling to remember anything good...or at all he does in a match, it's like he disappears sometimes.
    EUSTACE, John:79>80 Although often referred to as Eustless by fans, i thinkour captain is deserving of 80
    DIAO, Salif 84>82 although will return to fitness eventually hasn't played in months and deserves a drop
    PERICARD, Vincent 80> 77, how is he ranked higher than eustace and the same as shawcross, he is abysmal and stil can only score 2 goals in half a season... in the reserves...needs to go!
    ZAKUANI, Gabriel 80>81 put in some decent performances
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    Chris Smith reacted to Supa_Wolf in When a CHEAT is gone - what happens next?   
    Re: When a CHEAT is gone - what happens next?
    I've PM'ed the new manager (GM) to appeal to his better nature, to break up the team. Although I think I am clutching at straws. I can't see the challenge in managing a team that is unbeatable - already 20 points clear with 7 games left.
    I have just GM'd myself and as a one-off trial will offer a "clean-up" service for anyone who has just got rid of a cheat, but still has the problem of an unbeatable team built by cheating.
    I commit to:
    1) Return the squad to the nearest possible representation of the real life club
    2) Deal fairly with transfer offers
    3) Play a standard unmanaged game
    4) Quit the club when 'order' is restored
    In effect, restore balance to a set up, that has suffered long term cheating where transfers CAN NOT be reversed by SM.
    Provided this does not in fact contradict any interperatation of SM rules.
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    Chris Smith got a reaction from Stevie Blade in Stoke City News Thread   
    New Stoke City News thread to keep everyone up to date on our favorite Newcastle bashing team:D
    Griffin in, Sweeney out
    Griffin Signs
    Stoke City have this evening agreed a £300,000 deal to sign Andy Griffin from Premier League side Derby County.
    The 28-year old will put pen to paper on a permanent deal subject to a medical at the Britannia Stadium tomorrow morning.
    Andy appeared 34 times for the Potters last season as the club narrowly missed out on the Play-Offs, before joining The Rams from Portsmouth in the summer.
    He has made 15 appearances for Paul Jewell's side this term, with his last game coming against Middlesbrough in December.
    City midfielder Peter Sweeney yesturday completed a move to Coca-Cola League One side Leeds United.
    Sweeney, who had recently been enjoying a loan spell with Walsall, will link up with his former Millwall boss Dennis Wise.
    The one-time Scottish Under 21 international signed for Stoke from Millwall in the summer of 2005 and made a total of 41 appearances for the club, scoring two goals.
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    Chris Smith reacted to TomOwen in EPL Rating Changes Thread   
    Thread for rating changes for any club in the Premier League, I will do club by club in alphabetical order.
    Will do one team per post and will only post for players that should have a rating change. Feel free to add your opinions.
    For most of the youngsters, I don't know much so you can help me out.
    Jens Lehmann 92-->91
    He's not playing enough games for Arsenal, has been dropped for a few months already. Very sloppy mistakes whenever he plays for the team. A rating decrease is correctly deserved for the German No. 1 Keeper.
    Manuel Almunia 87-->90
    He has taken first spot at Arsenal so deserves a good increase. He must increase to 89, at least but 90 would be more fair for such a talented keeper who is performing consistently in the team. Up to 90.
    Vito Mannone 70-->75
    Got to play twice in the Championship although made a few sloppy mistakes, still needs an increase to the 75 region. This keeper might join the Scottish League soon.
    Gael Clichy 90-->91
    Performing consistently for the team, playing almost every match. A great player, makes the Arsenal fans forget about Ashley Cole. He has put his injury days behind his back.
    Armand Traore 80-->83
    Played many times in the Carling Cup for the team and performs very well when has a chance. He should definitely get an increase to at least a 83 this time round.
    Bakari Sagna 89-->90
    He's playing for Arsenal and has only missed about three matches this season. Very solid defender with a great tackle and can also attack. He makes the Arsenal's right flank immune.
    Emmanuel Eboue 89-->88
    Not playing at right back and right midfield, Sagna and Hleb are playing to welll. A decrease is pretty obvious.
    Justin Hoyte 87-->86
    Same as Eboue, he's not playing so his rating has only one way to go, down. A talented player but has lost his touch after not getting to play oftenly.
    Kolo Toure 94-->95
    Very solid defender, should rise to a 95, he can tackle, mark, header, has all the great abilities of a center back. He should only rise if Ferdinand and Vidic and Carvalho go up though.
    Aleksandr Hleb 91-->92
    Arsenal's unsung hero. Works very well with Sagna on the right wing and is just simply a great right midfielder. He has to get an increase to 92 because of his great performances recently.
    Francesc Fabregas 94-->95
    I guess I don't have to explain anything for Fabregas.
    Gilberto Silva 93-->92
    Not playing a lot, should definitely drop to 92. Starts to warm the bench and I have a feeling that he will move in January. Down to 92 just twelve weeks after he got a 93.
    Mathieu Flamini 88-->89
    Playing very well next to Fabregas, definitely needs an increase for what he has done since the beginning of the season. He should have a positional change to CM/LB too.
    Denlinson 85-->87
    Playing very well, sometimes gets to play in the EPL, but mostly plays in cup matches and he always makes Wenger happy. Has a great corner too. Up to 87, if not even 88.
    Theo Walcott 85-->88
    Playing for the first team in the EPL as well as playing the two domestic cups and even the Champions League. This costly 18 year old has proven the price that Wenger payed for him was even called "cheap". Great player with great dribbling. Position change to F/W
    Eduardo 90-->89
    Like Gilberto, he has not played a lot and should go down to 89. He has played a limited amount of games and his goal tally aren't too impressive for a poacher who scored something like 45 goals last season.
    Emmanuel Adebayor 89-->90
    There's a whole thread on him, so I guess I've said enough. Up to 90, maybe 91.
    Niklas Bendtner 85-->87
    Same as Walcott and Denlinson.
    Aston Villa is next
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