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  1. Im leaving SM due to lack of time, which resulted in me loosing 6 of my 8 clubs... anyways here are some details:

    rep. 168

    barcelona in World Championship 11022


    gold mem with 197 days left

    only will consider active members on the forum...

  2. Re: Footie Zealots

    Salzburg won 4-0 against metalist and sadly got 2 key players injured, keita and falcao


    As season 1 is drawing to a close' date=' I am thinking of opening the league up to the public so we can help fill our remaining slots. What do you all think?[/quote']

    go ahead, we definitively need more managers

  3. Re: Footie Zealots

    So far fc salzburg have brought Sanchez, Luc Casnos, Wilshere, Henderson, Phil Jones, Tymoschuk and Zanetti. We also have bids accepted for keita, joaquin, abrosini, anekla(i have the the feeling that its a bid signing) and merkel. Now i just need to bring in a new gk and another fwd and my squad will be completed.

  4. Re: New User Interface [beta]

    I would like to star by saying that i like the new site i like the new features, good job sm dev. Although i have a problem, and i apologize if it has already been brought up: it seems that in the tactics page is not showing the players right condition, for exam: in tactics page aguero's condition is 100% but when i click the players profile is only showing 69%. Is this a bug and happening to me or has other managers experienced this?


  5. Re: Respuesta: Re: Javier Pastore vs Miralen Pjanic vs Javi Martinez

    For me yes' date=' because he can move again and in France with PSG, and I think PSG is playing Champions or Europe League and PAtore in Palermo can't do that.[/quote']

    Thanks for answering but personally i dont think he will move to another club in 4 or 5 years which means that he would not rise above 93(i think the highest rated players in france right now are 92) unless psg has a very dominant season and does well on champions. But again javi martinez is not in a great club neither and doesnt seem to move anywhere this summer and i i think he cant rise above 91 playing for athletic.

    Any more opinions on who to buy? I would really appreciate them, thanks:)

  6. Re: The Globe Tournament Discussion Thread

    Congratulations to Legia Warszawa's manager, so far he has gotten away with 8 or 9 of the player i was bidding for, including 2 of the players i was most interested in(thiago, varane). Also congratulations to ac omonia's manager who got kiko. I guess i will have try harder for the rest of the players im trying to get:D

  7. Re: Fed up off Messi, he's not the world's best

    Hahaha you haters keep hating on messi while he will be voted the best player in the world for a 3rd consecutive time(the only other player to win 3 consecutive times was platini) by coaches and players, aka people who have actually played professional football and actually know about it.

  8. Re: Counter formations

    depends massively on your team. need to do some of it yourself.


    look at post 44 / that link onwards. can't just give people every detail otherwise you may as well give me the password and e-mail and let me have the team!

    I just used the instructions i used to use with 3-5-2 and applied them to the 4-3-3 wingers, it worked great since i won 4-0, had 62% position and the most important thing im in 1st place now. Now if i win the next match i will be the champion.

  9. Re: Counter formations

    I need some help in here. I'm going to play against the team in 1st place and im 3rd, and my promotion depends on this match. What instructions would you guys recommend against 3-5-2, im planing on using 4-3-3 wingers.


  10. Re: Riser CMs

    Most obvious is Wilshere

    Ramires' date=' Bender, Kroos and Kevin-Prince Boateng could well rise aswell[/quote']

    Thanks for replying, do you think boatang could rise to 91 in the next changes? Because I made an offer of 11m to the manager and he rejected the offer if he rises to 91 i could go up to 18m otherwise i will go for aquilani whos manager is asking only 13m for him

    I believe the following players will rise:

    MARTÍNEZ' date=' Javi

    CASEMIRO, Carlos

    HENDERSON, Jordan

    MERKEL, Alexander

    LUCAS, Rodrigues

    I know you said over 88 but these players are real talents.[/quote']

    Thanks, i will try to get some of them

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