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  1. Im looking for some cms above 88 that would rise in the next changes. Thanks
  2. Re: Help With Deal(s) Thread... have an offer of 13m for afellay, should i accept it? I dont need him since i have, iniesta, pedro, alves, adriano and maxwell. Does anyone think he will rise? Probably not... Thanks
  3. Re: Sneijder Deal Do the deal If you really want sneijder, need a high rated am or cm and have other good players in ramos position(cb or rb). Personally i think its a good deal and would do it
  4. Re: if 3 teams are offering the same amount of money what team will the player choose I believe the answer is yes, or at least that is what happened to me. I recently joined a new gameworld and ze roberto was free agent. A lot of teams(around 7) made offers for the player, among them 3 or 4 teams offered 7m including mine(barcelona), he ended up in borussia dortmund. Although i think borussia might of offered a little higher than 7m, something like 7009000, too bad soccermanager doesnt show the total amount paid for players...
  5. Re: Managers ignoring bids? Lol you are not the only one, we all have experienced this. In some setups i have been in up to half of the managers are like this. Also, some managers decide just to ignore offers if they think they are bad
  6. So i recieved a offer from napoli, should i accept the deal? I mean cavani is a nice player and after scoring 33 goals should rise(could he rise to 93 in the next changes?). Personally i think its a good deal but would like to hear some opinions. Also this is a new setup... Thanks
  7. Re: IEFA European Masters Championship Discussion Thread I'm interested and applied for a team, hope to be accepted.
  8. Re: Marcelo for coentrao + 20mil ? Its official! Coentrao is real madrid's new player for € 30m, personally i dont they would bring a player for 30m and let him sit in the bench, i'm sure that he will play more games than marcelo...
  9. Re: Resetting club? Did he join the club more than once? If he did, he might be resetting the club so that other managers cant buy, but i dont see how that would benefit him.. And no you cant report him since to report as cheating you have to select a managed club from the gameworld you are in and there is no other way to report users
  10. Re: Marcelo for coentrao + 20mil ? Do it! It might be the best deal you will do as a manager because as already napolifan said, he has big chances of moving to real madrid where he might replace marcelo as the first choise LB
  11. Re: help, with my 3-5-2 Personally i would buy them in this order: 1. dani alves 2. ribery 3. robben. First dani because he is 95, wont drop for the moment and in case puyol is not avaible he could replace him. Also, have you thought about playing iniesta as winger and geting a cm? Personally I do pretty good with this instructions, and with one team i have been winning for 12 matches: Tackling Style: hard/normal Mentality:attacking Passing Style:mixed Attacking Style:mixed Tempo:normal Pressing:all over Counter-Attack, Tight Marking, Use Playmaker, Use Target Man on.
  12. Re: Opening a new ticket??
  13. Re: Subotic or Pastore depends on what position you need players for, if you have good players in both of their positions i would recommend you to go for pastore, since he has more chances of ending up in a big team
  14. Re: Vacancy-FC Istres-The Projects Youth League!.. Hi, seems like a nice gameworld and applied for the team, my name in the game is azim, hope to be accepted
  15. Re: Opening a new ticket?? Lol same thing happened to me, but at the end of the day i was able to send one, its actually easy: home>help>report bug>none of the above or: http://www.soccermanager.com/help.php?action=reportbugform
  16. Re: How often do new set ups arrive in the "coming soon game worlds" section? Don't know exactly how often they come, but looking at the gameworlds in which you can reserve a club i see 15 gameworlds that will open in june 29, so i guess you could conclude that 15 gameworlds were created during 24 hours. Also, you can start losing your hope of reserving barca since its the bast team in the world, and one of the top 2 teams with highest total value in the game (the other being real madrid) and also the top 2 ave rating(93 for both). Chances of finding an available barca or madrid are almost 0
  17. Re: mimic the other team tactic - good ideia??? Its a good idea and i see no reason for it not to work, i think i will experiment it with a team which is the strongest in my league, will post results later...
  18. Re: When buying GM do you have to reserve a team immediately?
  19. Re: SM on iPhone.. I don't think an app is necessary, soccer manager could just release a mobile version of the game, but again i guess an app could attract some new people to the game which is a great idea...
  20. Re: Free Clubs? Post Them Here! Looking for managers for a custum setup, which actually just a spanish championship, only 4 teams taken so far and we are in the first season. Its called THEBESTLEAGUEINTHEWORD and ID:61446
  21. Or can you reserve it later after you purchase GM? Thanks
  22. Re: Players: Should I buy, sell or keep? v2
  23. Re: Players: Should I buy, sell or keep? v2 Now that pedro got concern level 4, should i get rid of him? I mean he is a nice player and may rise in the the future but i have too many players in his positions, wing: iniesta, ronaldo, ozil, alves and for fwd i have messi, eto, aguerro and higuain. Also if i sell him what future prospect or a high level goalkeeper would you recommend me to get? Thanks
  24. Re: balance in the red This might help you: http://forum.soccermanager.com/showthread.php?t=29344&page=3 You could also sell your young players(i recommend the ones you dont need/use that much) and buy older ones with the same rating for way cheaper
  25. Re: Official Spanish La Liga Discussion Thread Malaga's latest signing is that of joaquin and is around 4 million euros. They are definitely the team to watch next season. The first time i heard they had a new owner i though they would be another man. city, but this guy definitely knows what he is doing
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