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  1. Re: HELP! My team cant seem to win. Try playing with 3-5-2, it always works for me no matter what howard friedrich--89CB--89CB lucas podolski--ze roberto--fernandinho--alex hernandez--bent whit thight marking and counter attack everthing else regular hope this helps
  2. This season the biggest rumors in spanish legue have been aguero and neymar for real madrid and alexis sanchez and fabregas(as usual) for barca. They say that madrid has already a deal with santos and neymar could be theirs the next week, also that barca made a offer for sanchez of 28m. But again, newspapers need to be sold and therefor they can write anything they want as long it sells. Rumors or the truth I will definetly buy them with my big teams but should i invest in them with a small team or should i go for a player like higuain, torres or villa(all avaible)?
  3. Re: Past Glory Nice gameworld, took over schalke
  4. Re: Worst Transfer You paid xavi+dani alves+40 million for kaka? Wow that definetly is the worst transfer ever, i would never give dani + xavi for him, maybe dani + 40 to 50m or xavi + 15 to 20m
  5. Re: Worst Transfer I dont remember having bad transfers, but could say this are my worst transfers: getting Frey when he was 93 and selling valdes when he was 91, and getting diego for 35m when he was 94 and not selling him when i had good offers
  6. Re: Help With Deal(s) Thread... i'm thinking on offering aguerro + lukaku(and some cash) for rooney? Do you guys think i should its a good deal to give aguerro for rooney? Thanks
  7. Re: crowd capacity ****, does that mean that my dc united's stadium of 56,000 in american s. league will never be filled?
  8. Re: Good deal or not for Villa? if you need money and can get 2 good players with that money sell him. Althouth probably it will be harder for you in the future to get a 96 player in the future. And thats just my 2 cents
  9. Re: Marek Hamsik - Keep/sell At least wait until the end of june to see how are the rumors on him being transfered, if there are no rumors(or a transfer) till then sell him.
  10. i mean terry is younger, but who has more chances of dropping right now? Thanks
  11. Re: Puyol for Lucho Gonzales & Kolo Tourè?? don't do it, unless you you need cash and if you need cash ask for the 2 players + at least 20m
  12. Re: Team Lacks Consistency...Advice Appreciated try 3-5-2 with: casillas kolarov-ramos-carvalho busquets ronaldo-xavi-fabregas-iniesta messi-torres with counter attack, tight marking, playmaker(xavi) and targetman(messi) activated
  13. Re: Help With Deal(s) Thread... Hi, what do you guys think of chicharito + 10m for khedira? Thanks
  14. so i made a offer of 23.5m + the two players mentioned above and the manager countered me with 28.5m, is it a good deal or should i try to reduce the price? By the way money is not a problem for me since i have 90m and the best squad on the league. Thanks
  15. hi, i need to sign a cm 90+ so my options are busquets and khedira, but who has more chances of rising? or are there others who have more chances of rising to 90+? Thanks
  16. Re: terry or vidic? thanks for replying guys, probably i will go with pique, but as im small team i wont keep him, so would he raise in 2 months?
  17. hi, i selling ferdinand and i m looking to replace him, should i get vidic(will his rating drop?) or terry? or should i get someone younger like Pique, chiellini or ramos? Thanks
  18. Re: am i doomed to lose for ever? if i send i ticket to sm, can they fix the result? or do i have to get used to be beaten up by teams with way lower average?
  19. Re: am i doomed to lose for ever?
  20. Re: am i doomed to lose for ever? 3-4-1-2 Tackling Style: hard Mentality: normal Passing Style: mixed Attacking Style: mixed Tempo: normal Presing: own half Counter-Attack Tight Marking Use Playmaker Use Target Man
  21. Hi, the las couple of weeks have been very disappointed for me and my clubs, and the problem is that i m losing games that i should of win very easily, the last one was yesterday in the first round of the world champ cup(the only non gm trophy that i dont yet have) with my club barcelona, overall 93, against Galatasaray SK, overall 86, they had a better morale than my players, but they had a terrible performance compared to my club, they having: 2 players with performance rating of 4 4 players with performance rating of 5 1 player with performance rating of 6 1 player with performance rati
  22. Re: GM and Reserved Club? you got gm for how long? one month or one year? cause if it is one month you cant reserve clubs and and if its one year you should....
  23. Re: Respuesta: Re: Respuesta: Pro Evolution Soccer 2011 - Official Thread lol this year they are promising to make the player looks more realistic' date=' this is what ign says:
  24. Re: Some player rating predictions Well im not god but i do know how long you have been in this forum: since Dec 2008, Join Date: Dec 2008 Posts: 3,790 Rep Power: 12 lol:D
  25. Re: Help With Deal(s) Thread... inter offers d. milito+lampard+5m for cristiano and i made a counter of higuain + lampard + 20m... what do u guys say about the deal?(considering that he would accept the offer).
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