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  1. Hi, i m interested in bringing lass to may squad so i made a offer to his club and he made a counter of arshavin + hulk for lass, i m not a football expert but still i have seen arshavin playing and i think he is far better than lass(and better rated)....... so i m making a offer of yaya + hulk, is it a good deal(in the case he accepts it)?
  2. Re: Best Future Midfielders In The World busquets, hamsik, pedro...
  3. Re: who should i buy and sell Ok i will try to sell him and maybe bring casillas....
  4. Re: who should i buy and sell Sorry about that:D.... i made a offer of yaya + 5 for Lass(is a good deal?) also i use a 3-5-2 so i don't need Cole and Evra. I am planing this to be my last season with the this team, and thank you for replying:)
  5. Hi everyone, i know i have a very good squad but with 38m i think i can still improve my squad, can you guys please recommend me to whom to sell and who to buy, thanks. This is my actual squad: FREY, Sebastien Gk 93 ABIDAL, Éric LB/CB 30 93 DANI ALVES, Silva RB/RM 26 94 TERRY, John CB 29 95 MARCANO, Iván CB/LB 22 88 PIQUE, Gerard CB/DM 23 92 PUYOL, Carles CB/RB 31 96 BRUNO ALVES, Eduardo CB 28 92 CACERES, Martín Def 22 89 ZHIRKOV, Yuri LM/LB 26 92 YAYA TOURE, Gnégnéri DM/CM 26 92 DE ROSSI, Daniele CM/DM 26 94 XAVI, Hernández CM/AM 30 97 LUCHO GONZALEZ, Oscar CM/RM 29 93 DIEGO,
  6. Re: zhirkov for 20m? i don't really need him, i use him as a sub, my first option in his position is iniesta. last season he has played 15(0) times for me scoring 4g, 7 assis, 1 mom and a 7.40 aver.
  7. Hi, should i sell him for 20? i brought him for 17 Thanks
  8. Re: FC Barcelona tactical help Hi everyone it has been 1 year since i took over barcelona, i brought good players such as Terry, Arshavin, De Rossi, Fabiano, etc. i used 3-5-2 and i ended up in the 3rd position and i won the league cup. I have built the best squad in the league and i m planing this season to be the last season with the club(and maybe the last one in SM too). And as my last season i would like to ask for help or just recomendations once again. Should i keep 3-5-2 or should i change my tactics? And which position should i improve? who should i brought and who should i sell?
  9. Re: Pedro + 17 = Ozil? Thanks for the replys, can you suggest me one these please: GUARDADO, Andrés MODRIC, Luka CAPEL, Diego JANSEN, Marcell Turan, Arda Sabrosa SIMAO Thanks
  10. Hi, i m looking for a wing or lm and the one most i like is ozil i made a offer of 20m but the manager counter offer of Pedro + 17 m and i want to keep pedro, should i accept the offer? If not this are other of mu options from non managed clubs, which one you recommend me: GUARDADO, Andrés MODRIC, Luka CAPEL, Diego JANSEN, Marcell Turan, Arda Sabrosa SIMAO Thanks
  11. Re: Help with a winger and/or lm Thanks to all of you then i m going to buy Arshavin
  12. Re: José Manuel JURADO Is he going to rise or stay?
  13. Re: Help With Deal(s) Thread... Barcelona have made an offer to Shakhtar for Dmytro CHYGRYNSKIY of £14,300,000..... The offer for Dmytro CHYGRYNSKIY of Shakhtar from Barcelona has been accepted. The transfer will be completed shortly..... I m barcelona, should i buy him? how about his price, is he expensive?
  14. Re: Help with a winger and/or lm O sorry for the confusion( english is not my first language)... i m buying arshavin for 18.4, sorry again
  15. Hi i have a bid of 18.4 for Arshavin to a unmanaged club but i dont know if it is a good idea, does someone know a winger and/or Lm 91 and + with probabilities of increasing? Thanks
  16. Re: OMG help, removed transfer budget? You mean all of them?
  17. Hi, i need in squad for 2 CBs and a DM that in the next rating changes increase to 90+, one CB for sort term and the others for long term Thanks
  18. Re: g. milito + 6 for bruno alves? thanks guys and yes, i m getting bruno, and sorry for not being specific.
  19. Hi, i hust would like to know if it is a good deal g. milito + 6 for bruno alves
  20. Re: How to win a 4-2-3-1?
  21. Re: How to win a 4-2-3-1? Thanks Barracuda for your help, i appreciate it, but also i want to apologize you because i posted this thread one day before my match and when i read your answer it was to late 20:02(no more changes)... i lost the match 4-1 and my hopes of wining my first league is almost over, but it was because my fault.... sorry...
  22. Re: How to win a 4-2-3-1? And my squad: LEO FRANCO, Noeren GGk 32 90 COUPET, Grégory GGk 36 89 ROSSINI, Andrea GGk 19 73 PERNIA, Mariano LB-LMLB/LM 32 90 ANTONIO LOPEZ, Guerrero LB-RBLB/RB 28 90 ODDO, Massimo RBRB 33 90 UJFALUSI, Tomás CB-RBCB/RB 31 92 HEITINGA, John CB-RBCB/RB 25 91 PEREA, Luis CB-RBCB/RB 30 91 VAN BUYTEN, Daniel CBCB 31 90 PABLO, Ibáñez CBCB 28 89 ÁLVARO DOMINGUEZ, Soto CBCB 20 80 VELDMATE, Jeroen CBCB 21 75 TOSIC, Zoran LM-AMLM/AM 22 86 MAXI RODRIGUEZ, Pablo RM-AMRM/AM 28 93 BECKHAM, David RM-CMRM
  23. Re: How to win a 4-2-3-1?
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