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  1. Re: How to win a 4-2-3-1? at my home
  2. Hi, which formation is ideal against a barcelona with a 4-2-3-1 and with Tackling Style, Tempo and Mentality in Normal. Passing Style and Attacking Style in Mixed. Pressing: All Over Counter-Attack, Men Behind Ball, Tight Marking, Play Offside, Use Play Maker and Use Target Man in Yes. This is a very important match: my rival is barcelona(1st position) with 63 points and me atletico m. with 62(2nd position) they are 8 turns left... Thanks for any future help...
  3. Re: The New Zidane i made a bid of 7.2 m for him, do you guys think he is going to raise in this french rating changes?
  4. Re: Is Kompany going to rise? Ok, thanks, and is LESCOTT a good player to replace him?
  5. Well i was thinking to sell him for 16 m and buy another cb like LESCOTT or in the worst case CHYGRYNSKIY, should i wait to see if he rises or should i sell him?
  6. Re: is FREY, Sebastien going to drop? Thanks
  7. Re: 101 things hated by football fans. 1. Real Madrid 2. Florentino Perez 3. Media 4. CR9 5. Soccer
  8. Hi, i m thinking to buy him but i don't know if he is going to drop or not, is he going to drop or not? Thanks
  9. Re: Same birthdays with footballers February 2- Gerrard Pique( FC. Barcelona), and.... Shakira.... They are more players but i just know Pique
  10. Hi, for how much would you sell nisterlooy in a new setup(wc 6768)? And i guess he is going to drop, or am i wrong?
  11. Re: FC Barcelona tactical help Thanks for both of the replies, first i will try with 3-5-2...
  12. Re: Is Lucho Gonzales going to drop? well i personally prefer maxi BUT i have come to me a offer of 36.6 mill for him, and lucho i can buy him for 18 mill... but something that i don't like about lucho is that this season he played just 4 games, this can affect his rating?
  13. Hi, as the title says is going to drop? because i m thinking about selling maxi rodriguez and buy lucho, is it a good idea?
  14. Hi, i have owned this barcelona like 20 days before and a new season have started, i have lost my first 3 matches(Real M, Lyon, And Bayern) and i m having a hard time looking for a good formation and tactics, so i m looking for the help.... This is my squad: VALDES, Victor Gk 91 PINTO, José Manuel Gk 87 ABIDAL, Éric LB/CB 93 DANI ALVES, Silva RB/RM 94 MARQUEZ, Rafael CB/DM 93 MILITO, Gabriel CB 92 PIQUE, Gerard CB/DM 90 MARCANO, Iván CB/LB 87 PUYOL, Carles Def 96 CACERES, Martín Def 89 ZHIRKOV, Yuri LM/LB 92 YAYA TOURE DM/CM 92 BUSQUETS, Ser
  15. Re: forward risers 86 and up? thanks to all of you for the help, now i just have to decide who to buy:p
  16. Hi everybody, i am in a setup in which you can just buy players under 90, and it have came to me a offer for OWEN, Michael, i am planing to sell him and buy a riser... can someone please suggest me forward(strikers???) risers rating of 86 and higher... Thanks:)
  17. hi, as the title says are this 2 going to drop? If thats the case for how is a good price to sell them? should i give both + 10 for MESSI?... Thanks:)
  18. Re: who to buy: Luis Fabiano or Gomez? Thanks to all of you, it was something hard to decide but finally i m buying Luis Fabiano, i will try to sell henry to try to buy Gomez or a MC. Thanks
  19. Hi, both of them play for unmanaged clubs. Fabiano's price is 20.8m and Gomez is 28m, Fabiano is 28 and Gomez is 24, both are 93, Fabiano is cheaper and Gomez( i like both of them) and the question is: who to buy? Thanks:D
  20. Re: Henry for Pato? Thanks guys for the advice
  21. Re: Henry for Pato? or Henry + 5 mil benzema, is that good?
  22. Hi, i would like to know if it is a good deal henry(my) for pato... I have messi, eto, and milito to supply henry, Thanks for any further help
  23. Hi, i know few things about Cash Injection so i came hear for help... What affects the amount of the injection? My team is FC Barcelona with: Balance / Transfer Budget £46.8M / £18.2M, and Number of Players Average Rating Average Age Average Value 43 85 24 £5.1M Total Value Average Wage Total Wages £222.6M £35,351 £1,520,135........... And the second season has over, How i can get good amount of money from cash injection? Do I've to spend some money before the start of a new season? ple
  24. Hi every body.... This is the worst thing that ever happened to me in this game, today(or yesterday in europe) my club, chelsea with 94 of potential lose against boca juniors with a average pot. of 88. And no, this is not just a legue match, but it was playoffs to ascend to 1 division.... Sorry for the title, but this result made me very mad and disappointed...
  25. Re: Pato for Forlan + Nuno Manchine? I think it is a good offer, but if comes to me that offer before accept it i would think a little bit, but if u offer + some amount of money i would accept it
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