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  1. Re: Pato for Forlan + Nuno Manchine? ok, thanks to all of u for the aswers, then i will keep him...
  2. Hi, i would like to hear just some opinions about an offer for pato of 20 MILL + Forlan + Nuno.... should i accept it?
  3. well i was lucking for someone young than in the future can become a crack and as one of the best options i found JOVETIC, Stevan(fiorentina) i was thinking to buy him but his price 10 mill is very high.... should i buy him? and can u please five me recommendations of young players, please
  4. Hi, i would like to know if it is possible to have my all players morale high? i must give them minutes in matches or is there another way?
  5. azim

    Multi acounts

    Re: Multi acounts i don't really know it, thats why i m asking
  6. Hi, in first place i don't know if this is the right place do write this post(sorry)... i just want to know what is the opinion of every manager about multi accounts... telling the truth i have 5 acounts:D(no cheating), i m thinking leaving some but i am not sure, thats why i would like to hear some opinions
  7. Re: Tactics Help Thread Hi, my team is aston villa, my 11 overall is 94... last season it was 93 with players such as xavi and messi but my team end in 15 position, and a new season has began and brought ibramovic... i use 3-4-3 as formation with attacking mentality, but it is not working very well this my squad: FREY, Sebastien GGk 29 93 SORENSEN, Thomas GGk 33 87 BOUMA, Wilfred LB-CBLB/CB 31 88 GILBERTO, da Silva Melo LB-LMLB/LM 33 87 ODDO, Massimo RBRB 33 90 RICARDO CARVALHO, Alberto CBCB 31 94 MERTESACKER, Per CBCB 24 93 BORDON, Marcelo CBCB 33 91
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