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  1. Re: Lee's list of 88+ risers what about Robbie Keane of Tottenham?? hes 92 actually...
  2. ronn


    Re: help ok thanks a lot
  3. ronn


    Re: help okay thanks alot can you tell me other ways so i can try those too !!
  4. ronn


    Re: help does that work ? cuz i already did
  5. ronn


    whats the best way to report e cheater...
  6. im just curious about Cristian MOLINARO's rating!? hes current rating is 89...
  7. Re: Pirlo or Cambiasso id go for pirlo it doesnt matter for a year that cambiasso is younger pirlo is a great free kicker ...
  8. luis anderson's rating!?
  9. ronn


    what adebayor's rating should be?? i think 94-95
  10. what do you think stevan jovetic's rating should be i think 91
  11. Re: Young Risers Stevan Jovetic Fiorentina 2 games 2 goals.
  12. Can i know if Ronaldinho's rating gonna rise or gonna go down!!?
  13. I think his rating shud rise because even tho he moved to Man.City he's still playing GOOD;)
  14. Re: Stevan Jovetic i think he shud rise to 90 scored 2 goals in 2 games and thats SO FAR
  15. Re: Stevan Jovetic i rlly think that his rating should raise he already had 2 goals in 2 games!
  16. Re: Stevan Jovetic yea i know i think they should raise his rating because he is a good player!
  17. are you going to raise Stevan Jovetic rating?
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