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    well am 23 l support Arsenal
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    GC 80 Arsenal best young team ever!!!
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    3 time league champ with milan
  1. coquelin was amazing but yet again nobody notice the amount of times he want the ball back. for me he was man of the match....12 FA CUP for the Arsenal very happy
  2. Today is the day lads. Arsenal vs the world. it simple everyone want to see the underdog win just like wigan in 2011 but Arsenal fans we want to keep the FA CUP. I hope we don't see any red card or stupid penalty given away . okay now to Arsenal one think I can guarantee will happen today is arsenal will create a lots of chances but the big question as we saw against swansea and sunderland would we take them?? if we don't we will definitely lose plus FA CUP is very unpredictable and finally no penalty shoutout! benteke is a dangerous player if we give him space he will punish us. I really ho
  3. Re: Official Liverpool Thread well if pictures means anything. this one definitely does
  4. Re: Official Arsenal Thread football is very unpredictable. Arsenal wins 4-1 to west brown and aston villa lose at home to burnley FA CUP final it will be different story if arsenal don't take they chances we will lose that game. today result means nothing. what l hate is an over confident arsenal they will think the game is won on paper. I hope we see a great performance on Sunday and hopefully we retain the FA cup because it going to be Arsenal vs the world
  5. Re: Official Arsenal Thread wilshere what a goal son. walcott really want a new contract 3-0
  6. Re: Official Arsenal Thread all those players you mention are very good in attacking but they defending is very questionable if you have seen them play you will know what l mean
  7. Re: Official Arsenal Thread Lacazette is not that good. people think he will turn out to be like aguero not a chance because they play same way and yes he scored 25 goals+ in french league and giroud did the same while he was there. if you watch the way lacazette plays there is no much different compared to remy in chelsea. lacazette against team like chelsea, West Ham and stoke he will struggle. jackson martinez is much better than lacazette and martinez has the experience
  8. Re: Official Arsenal Thread According to various source we have sign pre-agreement with jackson martinez for 24 million. I won't believe anything unless it on skysport
  9. Re: Official Arsenal Thread I will be happy if we sign cech for 8-10 million if needed but not to include anybody
  10. Re: Official Liverpool Thread ok liverpool fans if you had to choose to sell sterling to one of your rival who would you pick for 30 million as it looks like ( l still remember when he was worth 50 million ) who would you pick? Arsenal Chelsea Manchester united Manchester city everyone knows he is not good enough for Real madrid, barca or bayern munich so he wont go there honest opinion
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