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  1. Re: Official Liverpool Thread Didn't see that one coming, give that guy a gold star!
  2. Re: Official Liverpool Thread Is that what your girlfriend keeps telling you?
  3. Re: Why has Ribery not been dropped in rating Well said And to say he didn't win the league, so he should be dropped is ridiculous. Torres is ONE of the best players in the world, yet he didn't drop when United pipped Liverpool to the title. Messi didn't win the league with Barca, yet he is one of if not the best player in the world. You seriously do sound stupid mate, and its obvious you don't know a thing about football.
  4. Re: Should I sell Sergio Ramos (94, RB/CB) and buy ALL the following risers?
  5. Re: John and Edward -> Jedward
  6. Re: Round The World Challenge - Report Thread Liverpool go top with a 6-0 win, and the 12-0 win dont be ashamed mate, you played your second team and i fielded a full strength squad since i didnt have a cup game.
  7. Re: Help needed to beat Barca in SMFA Cup! Don't tackle hard, passing style short and pressing all over. Play a 3-4-1-2 formation. Men behind ball: yes Tight marking: yes Playmaker: YES!!!
  8. Re: CHIELLINI for SAGNA and DEL PIERO Yep, definitely Chielini is a god.
  9. Re: ATTENTION: The Scousers Have Been Brainwashed! To be fair if you check the official Liverpool thread, Neller is always there when people are slagging off Liverpool. And his points are always good and hes always right, i know what you mean mate i haven't been on this forum long and im sick of wasting time debating. Everyone will always be against Liverpool, whether its jealousy or whatever.
  10. Re: Button-up football kits? What were Coritiba thinking? Don't really like the kit, but the buttons look pretty good IMO kinda vintage.
  11. Re: Do You Find England Bad To Watch? It might just be the fact that its International, i don't enjoy watching International football and dont feel the passion i do compared to when i watch Liverpool. Alot of footballers have said the same like Gerrard and Carragher that the simply dont feel the passion playing at International level compared to playing for club.
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