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  1. Re: New Manchester Utd help I managed to get Rossi with 25 mil to spare, and then the liverpool manager put Torres up for sale. I put in a cheeky bid of 20 mil plus berbatov and he accepted it! Anyways i'll post my team roster as soon as the transfer goes through. Where is the scam free sign?
  2. Re: New Manchester Utd help Im not a total manger newbie. I started playing when I was on the MUFC forum and some guy was making a game world. I asked to be man. united, he wanted madrid:rolleyes: Anyways my first time out I won that but made tons of newbie mistakes. Bought Getusso, RVN, Totti and Pirlo. All great players but a lil old. lol. Quit that cause most people left. Anyways here i am now. Manager rep is 55. Just trying to look through and get advice from better players. I traded Ferdinand for Terry BTW. I want to get gold membership but my mom wont let me, she's Pc paranoid
  3. Re: New Manchester Utd help You guys are helping me out loads right now thanks! I had made an offer for De Rossi and I got a counter offer for 20 mil plus Anderson and Evans. I really don't want to sell Evans. What should I do?
  4. Re: New Manchester Utd help Hi thanks for the reply, Everyone on the current team except nani, the game world started yesterday
  5. Hey i have a new mufc team. What would be the best formation? Im thinking a 3-5-2. I have 55 mil to spend plus 8 mor mil if i choose to sell obertan. I sold Nani for 18 mil. Now what should I do formation, who to buy anything would be great thanks! Good help= rep. Really appreciate it
  6. Just accepted a bid in my brand new game for him. I have Manchester United, the bid was him for Ferdinand and Evra. Kills my defense I know, how do i recover from this? Is this a bad idea? Ferdinand is off form atm but evra's of the hook. Any advice would be great!
  7. Re: Landon Donovan. well said mate, as an American living in San Fransico, I can say the MLS is run better financialy then most other leagues, in terms of a buisness. Look at my favorit team manchester united were hella in debt! The mls cannot be compared to other leagues its a young league! The Epl has been around for more then a centuary maybe a centuary and a half, im to lazy to look it up:D Donovan is small and not a strong player but netheir is Messi:rolleyes: He's proved himself on the international stage, has he not? Your a fool to think he is not a technicaly gifted player. He didn't do well in Germany, to physical, wouldn't do good in England ether but He could play well in Spain for one of the smaller clubs in the first divison.
  8. Re: Future World Stars u21 ermm I dont think so. Anybody have any others?
  9. Yes CR7:) It seems a waste to play him on the wings because he would get the ball less then in the middle. Could he play attacking mid? I usually play through the middle because i'm playing a 3-5-2.
  10. Re: Future World Stars u21 Yes I meant welbeck lol Simple typo mate:cool:
  11. I've been looking for a list like this but I cant seem to find one so, I'll tell you what i've found and hopefully you add a few to. This way if you ever come across one of theses players you know who to keep. World Stars means like 93 and over. Well Known Benzema Aguero Higuain Santon Asenjo Walcott Wilshere Jovetic Bojan Pato Mancheda Wekbeck Anderson Rafael Neymar
  12. Hey im playing in a world league with manchester united. Their are better teams in the new member league im playing in. Most teams will probably play a 4-4-2 so since they all have better players should I try to play a 3-5-2 to counter this? Its the MUFC current squad, I sold Nani and I have 50 mil. Who should I buy/sell or trade and what formation should I play to beat these teams? Im thinking sell evra and buy a CB, then go from there. Please help, thanks
  13. These are my players, not including all my youth players. Mainly wondering if I should play a 3-5-2 because my right back is weak. VAN DER SAR, Edwin FERDINAND, Rio O'SHEA, John GIGGS, Ryan ROONEY, Wayne KUSZCZAK, Tomasz VIDIC, Nemanja EVRA, Patrice DE LAET, Ritchie AMOS, Ben CLEVERLEY, Tom WOOD, Chris SANTON, Davide GATTUSO, Gennaro PIRLO, Andrea TOTTI, Francesco JUANITO, Gutiérrez VAN NISTELROOY, Ruud GUTI, José María DAVID SILVA, Josué DEMBELE, Moussa I play 4-4-2 with a diamond right now. Thanks in advance. I have like 17mil so any formations that require me to get a player are welcome.
  14. Hey guys I want to buy as many 10k risers as I can, I looked for a thread or list but I cant seem to find one. So please list all the 10k risers that u can think off, or if theirs a list somewhere please link me to it:) Good help will be appreciated. To start I got 2 PAULO HENRIQUE, Chagas ADAM, Jamil
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