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  1. Re: Players: Should I buy, sell or keep? Hi. Sell Dani Alves or Sergio Ramos ? Thanks
  2. Never heard of him He is 21 and 87 Good prospect. Bayern Lever has offered me him for 9mil Thanks
  3. Re: Players: Should I buy, sell or keep? Hi, I have Alberto PALOSCHI at my Internazionale team. Not sure if I should sell or keep? Is he playing much? Good Prospect? Thanks
  4. I need a riser. Aged 16 to 21 between 70 and 85. Under 5 mil. Obvious Choices such as Lukaku, Welbeck etc are taken Thanks:)
  5. Re: No rise for Pato!?! How do u do this?? Step by Step. I've tried. EVERYONE MUST DO THIS BUT! I demand Pato to be at least 93. Im not waiting 6months for a rise :|
  6. Re: No rise for Pato!?! I totally agree with you, he's just as good, if not better than Raul, Kanoute and Benzema. All 93's i might add. Im pretty sure they arent finished but. Because surely Totti is going to drop to 93. If its finished, they've forgotten about so manyyy WHAT ABOUT julio cesar to 96. surely he's as good as buffon atm.
  7. Who is the better buy? Please help ASAP. The deal is simple I can have 80mil + Sakho + (one of those two) for selling Arshavin. Good deal?
  8. Re: Respuesta: Thierry Henry UP/DOWN/STAY? Looks like he stays Deal blocked by SMFA GRRRRRRRRRR
  9. Hi Guys, I've always been a huge fan of Thierry Henry. But I heard he's going to drop soon. I'm Barcelona and i'm wondering whether he is going to stay at barca or leave in january? I've been offered 70mil for him. Cos he's scored 32goals in 28games for my gameworld. Unbelievable right? Im tempted to sell, but he's my top scorer :S Will he drop or stay? Thanks heapss
  10. Re: fletcher?? This is BS Srsly, As if Fletcher isnt worth a 91+ Played nearly every game for MAN U Very Consistent, Top Performer Hargeaves (out for 18months), equal with him? Thats the same as Dropping Santa Cruz from 90 to 89 cos he's been injured and behind good strikers WTH this is poor BTW JOHNTERRY SHOULD BE 96 IMO How can he be the same as Ferdinand :S:S:S
  11. Re: Todays rating chances Drogba to 96 Kalou to 90 Evra + Ashley Cole to 94 Ivanovic 90 Bosingwa 92 Ferdinand 95 Arshavin also rose to 94 Anelka 93 Alex 91 A.Valencia 90 J.Evans 89 Giggs 93 Welbeck Gibson 85 G.Neville 88 B.Foster 88 I think thats it
  12. Hey, When do the 2nd part of the EPL changes finish? Im hoping within a few hours? Thanks
  13. I want to make a Petition to get SM to make Fabregas a 96. Honestly, he deserves it. If Pirlo is a 95, then Fabregas is a definite 96 Lets get as many people to sign this and see what SM says !!
  14. Re: Simao and Huntelaar Huntelaar is a definite dropper unless he starts to get some regular first team action. So far, he has played minimal time. IMO he will drop to 90/91. On Simao, his club has been performing poorly and if it keeps going that way, we could be seeing his 93 turn into a 92. Still a very good winger, but is 30+ nearly. Cheers.,
  15. Re: 30 mill plus henry Yes, its a great deal. Torres is a solid 96 for many years to come. Whilst Henry will likely move to the USA very soon and if he does will eventually drop to 90-92. So yes, good deal.
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