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  1. Re: Lower Leagues Those leagues might get done soon but then again they might not, I don't really want a bunch of 70 rated players hanging around in my team for a year or two and then sometimes not even rising because they where dropped to the reserves in the meantime or transferred to somewhere in China or retired through injury or something. Better to wait until it is announced the league is going to be reviewed if its not a major one.
  2. Re: Its Official! Englands League 1 & 2 next COLLIN, Adam Gk 67 BODEN, Scott Fwd/Wing 70 DRAPER, Ross DM/CM 70 WRIGHT, Jake LB/CB 70 LAWRIE WILSON Is anyone going to do a full prediction?
  3. Re: Allsvenskan and Eliteserien Young Risers I'm not an expert on the Norway leagues either but maybe Wangberg played more minutes than Bakenga last season. I've also heard it said that the changes depend on how well the players play in games, not just the minutes played and goals scored. I've heard a lot depends on how players are rated by journalists following games and SM apparently read up on that stuff. Edit* Actually I just checked and Wangburg has an extra 360 Champions league minutes for Rosenberg compared to Bakenga's 96 minutes. Plus Bakenga only played 56 minutes last season. Wangburg played 270 and also has an extra 524 minutes on loan at Ranheim this season in the Norway 2nd tier League. So thats probably why Wangberg rose more I guess
  4. Re: Ok Noobs - Belarus review whats the point in a 'next leagues to be reviewed' box if they don't use it
  5. Re: **free agency tracker** 2 Questions: if you were interested at the time a player was transferred in RL and are not interested now will he still become a free agent? And if say Man U sold Rooney to Real Madrid in an EL would he eventually become a free agent?
  6. Re: Brazil Risers Good points' date=' I'm still thinking they wont be that generous overall but I could be wrong. Yeah I agree, Luiz Antonio will probably get a +3, he's out of contract in one of my WC set-ups too
  7. Re: Brazil Risers Finally they started the review today, I have 4/4 right so far Though I missed the only two players that got a +3 : Henrique LEO > 75 - Started the two games for América Mineiro during the last week to bring him up to 187 minutes total. Gustavo BASTOS > 80 - Regular for Avai this season, missed him due to his age oops!
  8. Re: need serious tactical help You won?
  9. Re: Brazil Risers No sign of the new UI yet either. Maybe tomorrow
  10. Re: need serious tactical help
  11. Re: Brazil Risers SoccerManager Tweet on 23rd July "We will start to review the Campeonato Brasileiro Série A on Monday". So I'm hoping they will start to update the ratings on Tuesday (Tomorrow)
  12. Re: need serious tactical help I would recommend looking round other teams/game worlds and seeing what works for successful managers with similar squads. Also read a few of the many threads about tactics already on this forum. I'm guessing your main problem is that since you strengthened your team you have not been playing a more attacking game which would help a lot against opposition teams with an average rating of 86 or lower. I would play 3-5-2 ----------------------------Andrey Pyatov---------------------- ------Jorge Fucile----------Gabriel Milito-------Cristian Ansaldi----- -----------------------------Gokhan Inler---------------------- Borges Willian-----Blaise Matuidi-----Mathieu Valbuena----Ludovic Obraniak --------------Roman Pavlyuchenko-------Yao Kouassi Gervinho------------ with the tactics... Tackling Style - Hard Mentality - Attacking against 87 or below rated teams and Defensive against 88 or above rated teams. Passing Style - Mixed Attacking Style - Mixed Tempo - Normal Pressing - Own Half Play Style Counter-Attack - Yes Men Behind Ball - Yes Tight Marking - No Play Offside Trap - No Use Playmaker - Yes Use Target Man - No Captain - Andrey Pyatov Penalty Taker - Roman Pavlyuchenko Free Kicks - Mathieu Valbuena Corner Taker - Mathieu Valbuena Playmaker - Mathieu Valbuena Target Man - Roman Pavlyuchenko Your team is pretty similar to the Galatasaray team I am about to win div4 with in a world championship so you should do well with my tactics but if it doesn't work for the first few games still stick with it as it will be worth it. I always stick with the same tactics and it has worked in every world I have played in. Promise But like I said at the start look around the forums and other teams and you will be able to better grasp how tactics work and maybe, just maybe, you will find a better system for your team than mine. Not that I really think thats possible (but it could be)
  13. Re: Respuesta: Brazil Risers
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