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  1. Re: Brazillian League review. All teams predictions!!!! Good thread mate very thorough, repped.
  2. Re: Brazil Risers Added Bruno Vieira and Lucas Fernando, Thanks I thought Alex Sandro transferred to Porto on Tuesday but maybe it isn't finalised yet. Danilo I had down as a +1 but he could get a +2 its possible, he is starting in the first eleven.
  3. Re: Brazil Risers Thanks I didn't realise he was only rated 75, I'll put him on as a +2.
  4. Re: Brazil Risers I bought Ciro when he last rose back in 2009 and I remember he looked quite promising as a player and I expected him to be at least an 85 by now. Does deserve a rise of +3 for what he did last season and he has started quite well this season by the look of it so he might get the +3.
  5. Re: Brazil Risers Fábio Santos is an 86 LB/LM at top club Corinthians he should get at least a +1 this time and more in future from what I know but then I'm not claiming to be Insider. Ralf a DM also at Corinthians is an 86 and should probably get a +1 this time round. Try searching some of Insiders threads if your looking for players with more certain long term potential.
  6. "Prior to reviewing the Campeonato Brasileiro Série A we are taking a short break for approximately 10 days due to introducing the new UI." - Soccer Manager on Twitter on the 15th of July 2011 Brazil Risers The last Serie A review was in early Febuary so I'm presuming the SM ratings will be based on the last three quarters of the Brazilian State league games, the Sudamericana club competitions and the first eleven fixtures of this seasons Serie A. My predictions are solely based on stats on soccerway. I will not include players that I think will only rise by +1 as they are not profitable
  7. Re: Need Tactical Assistance by the Soccer Manager Pros I do that mostly but I also look out for the tactics an opposition manager often plays, against teams of my teams quality in her teams schedule. I don't pick my team based entirely on the oppositions players ratings. Also I try to work out if she may be reading my past tactics which rarely happens but when it does it makes it extra fun trying to out maneuver her just like pro managers do to each other in real life, often its a rock, paper, scissors type of situation. The amount of tactical choices in SM are too many for me to be bothe
  8. Re: Need Tactical Assistance by the Soccer Manager Pros Two problems I notice are... 1. You have an amazing team, with that team I would always be 'attacking' from the first kick-off unless the opposition team has a similar class of players. 2. Your not 'counter attacking' - every team needs to counter attack don't they? I have always seen the option to not counter attack on SM like the option to choose to tackle softly - a bit of a no brainer. As your tactics are I think your players are often taking far too long to get the ball far enough forward so the opposition are getting too many pl
  9. Re: Colombia Review Double Checked a few on your list, so far it looks great > good. Thanks JMH_daggers
  10. Re: Gold Championship 67 Match Reports/News/Transfers Thread River Plate add to last seasons glory with wins in the 'Charity Shield' and 'SMFA Super Cup' :River players show off new strip in pre-match warm up before the Super Cup penalty shootout victory against Man U.
  11. Re: Breaking news! Rooney finally agrees to stay at Man. U!!! I think Rooney did the right thing for Man U fans and himself. The Glazers don't spend enough on world class players so man U are falling behind. When Rooney joined Man U they had a lot closer best first 11 to their main rivals in Europe, now most of their better players are getting too old and if they don't spend soon and big they will be third behind Chelsea and Man City in England alone and at most about the sixth best team in the Champions League. My gut tells me Ferguson was in on it with Rooney in a ploy to kick the Glazers
  12. Re: Gold Championship 67 Match Reports/News/Transfers Thread Just won my first (of many) "SMFA Champions Cups" with River Plate "The word legend is often used these days without realising the true meaning". For me that sums up ML Dave and the battles he and the team fought over what is undoubtedly the most successful period in our Gold World 67 history to date. This club has always been and always will be a part of our community and as such we are only strong when our leaders recognize and galvanize that spirit to bring us the success that we deserve. ML Dave did that, his flambo
  13. Re: A 10k riser is not just for christmas! lol... ok I won't waste my time, or maybe I will try. There must be hundreds of customers who have had players like Roberto Ardilles for over a year, players like that should get some sort of priority. I think so anyways.
  14. Re: A 10k riser is not just for christmas! ok thanks' date=' I might go through all my players which are probably quite popular 70's due to the forums and try and get them updated. In the meantime here is an update on all the players Choppers mentioned below with my rating predictions, but remember it still may be a long time before these players will get rated by SM again so they might be higher if the player gets more games between now and then. its just an update: [b'](Bosnia & Herz) [/b] HAMZIC, Dino Gk 22 --- 70 up to 76-78 Starter this season for FK SARAJEVO KARIC, Elvis Gk
  15. Re: A 10k riser is not just for christmas! Cool, so what did your ratings look like, did you have to show your working (what sort) and what site(s) did you link to?
  16. Re: A 10k riser is not just for christmas! They (SM) really need to hire a few more reviewers, poor Roberto ARDILES deserves more than this, he has been underated at 70 for more than a year now
  17. Re: Mexico Primera Division Rating Predictions I bought Arturo LEDESMA (78) for my Carlisle team in a Gold Championship, he is a starter for Necaxa this season, so I'm hoping he will rise to 81 at least, have you seen him play much 4rad4? & yeah like najduch5 said you should put the current and predicted ratings in or else most people will ignore your thread, it makes for a lot of people doing a lot of unnecessary time consuming work the way it is.
  18. Re: Contract Renew oops.. I was sure I knew that one too
  19. Re: Contract Renew ONLY players with 1 year or 2 years left on their contract can have it renewed. Also if you just bought a player and he has 2 years left you have to wait a few months before you can renew his contract. Click on the player and one of the tabs below his picture is 'new contract' but the tab is only there when its possible to give a new contact to him. eg... If he has more than two years left the tab will not be there.
  20. Re: Mauricio Pinilla Its too early to say, it depends on how well he plays for his new club Palermo. At the moment he is still trying to break into the 1st team as a regular. Pinilla grabbed 24 goals in 24 games in the Italian Serie B last season but it could just have been be a lucky season for him as he has not got a great record previous to last seasons exploits. Maybe he will do well this season maybe he won't. If you want me to guess I'd give him a very low 20% chance of breaking into the first team and scoring goals meaning a +1 to 86 around December and another +1 or +2 to 87/88 aroun
  21. Re: ticket system/ have i got this right? I guess its because the deal had not gone through yet so no rules had actually been broken. Don't worry SM will deal with cheaters but yeah now and again they need a little help from managers reporting dodgy stuff.
  22. Re: Player positions Short answer: I don't think it matters. CB/LB are just as good at CB or LB. Long answer: Its not known for sure and depending on who you ask you will get different opinions on it but I have played a few players in their secondary position in many leagues for the whole season and still won those leagues so it can't matter much. My current Villa side has: Toulalon DM/CB at CB Nasri AM/W at RM Bastos W/LB at LB & Barry CM/DM at DM ...and we're top of the league after 17 games despite being the third or fourth strongest squad but that could just be down to my gre
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