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  1. Re: rating change dates They all (I think all the leagues you mentioned) got done just before and after the end of last season so theres not much point in reviewing them until the season has gone on a bit more this year. November at the earliest and January at the latest for every league you mentioned is my prediction.
  2. Re: Diaby or Lucas? I'd keep Diaby, he will rise to a 90 sooner or at the same time if he keeps fit. He has the advantage over Lucas of just having played every French World Cup minute (270/270) and he will play Champions League football this season while Lucas will be playing in the Europa. On top of that I think Diaby will get more Premiership playing time especially early in the season while Denilson is being slowly being returned to fitness by Wenger after a long-ish lay off. Diaby also has far better long term potential of reaching 93-94. If Lucas gets to 90 he will perhaps be lucky to
  3. Re: Jose callejón & martin galvan CALLEJÓN started 31 games last season for Espanyol, whether he rises above 87 depends on how he plays from now on. It could go either way really he is no Ronaldo but as he is just 23 and is an established first team player in the Spanish Primera Division he has a chance of going to 88 by the end of the 2010/11 season but probably only about a 50% chance at most, like I said it depends on how well he plays this season. I don't have high hopes for GALVAN as he has not played any part in first team plans at Cruz Azul since February 2009 after making six sub
  4. Re: England - The Next Generation England has about 30-40 young players capable of going on to be part of an England world cup winning team. If they train on their Technical and Mental attributes twice as hard as their asked to do, like Beckham and the Neville's did at Man U, then any player with a decent amount of natural talent can go far in the game. Of course they need game time too, young English players should be going out on loan more regularly to Championship sides for a couple of seasons then be getting chances to play regularly in the Premier League but with these new squad rules c
  5. Re: Jimmy Briand Short answer: I'd say he has a 85% chance of getting to 90 within a year and a 20% chance of rising to 91. The highly coveted attacker was being tracked by several Ligue 1 sides and now has a good chance of rising after his summer switch to Champions League playing Lyon. Of course it depends on how well he plays for his new team, he could score loads or dwindle away like some players do after moving to a big club. “It’s a great joy to find myself in Lyon,” Briand said on the club’s official website. “For me, Lyon is the club of the 2000s. It is the largest French team. Tod
  6. Re: Leeds United Team - Risers in low to mid 80's Yeah you have a hard job on your hands, not many players rise from low 80's to above 85 in one go. Mainly it happens to players in the bigger leagues who play almost every game and play well... so I guess wait until someone does a review on one of those leagues so you can get lots of options. Few players I just checked out from the Brazilian league that should break the 85 mark are: WESLEY, Lopes Beltrame 84 - 86/85 MANOEL, Messias 83 - 85/86 MARQUINHO, Mattos Filho 83 - 85/86 There will be more mainly from Brazil, Argentina, France, Germ
  7. Re: Leeds United Team - Risers in low to mid 80's Well the Columbia and Egyptian changes are coming up soon so look at the threads on here with those countries players. Basically when you want to find certain types of risers use the search engine and scour threads until you have enough. Don't forget to double check the players game time on soccerway or some other similar site so you don't get any duds. Egyptian Leagues: http://forum.soccermanager.com/showthread.php?t=68274&page=3 Columbian Leagues: http://forum.soccermanager.com/showthread.php?t=68546&page=2
  8. The International & non-Gold World SMFA Competitions Match Engines are really flawed, they are just about random so whats the point in even trying? I've ignored the world cup competitions for the last four months and had more success winning two world cups without even doing anything, when I do try I get lots of losses and draws against far weaker teams even though I am playing attacking football against them, this would get me a win 99% of the time in a normal league game so is going on? I am a good manager my average points is at 2.45 after nearly 1000 games with 11 clubs of various
  9. Re: Advanced Player Search I agree the advanced transfer search needs 'advancing'. Trying to find players at the moment takes too much time. This is how I would like to see it looking: Extra option for search to include either external, unmanaged, managed clubs or ANY clubs. Extra option to exclude any players you can't actually bid for because either their squad size is too small, they are in the 7 day period or they have transfer bans. I don't think dozens of extra options would be a bad thing either as more choice would make the game a lot less annoying/frustrating/tedious and th
  10. Re: 40 million to spend on risers! I also have too much money to spend than there are risers at the moment, I'll buy those two guys from bayern they look like 85-87 at least. Just sold most of the guys on that list though I bid for messi and it was accepted last week but he refused to sign..arghhh coz I'm still in Div 3 most likely.
  11. Who are the next players expected to rise to 90 or above? I am particularly interested in FWD's but any position could be useful.
  12. Re: Suspicious deal ! ...So send a ticket and report him. Make sure you provide as much evidence as possible and make it as clear as possible. Put the teams involved in the drop down boxes above where you write and then write something along the lines of: There is some cheating going on in my gameworld and I'd like to report it because it is spoiling my enjoyment of Soccer Manager. How they are cheating is they are only selling players amongst themselves because they are friends or are maybe even the same person with multiple accounts. Even when I bid far more they reject it and accept
  13. Re: no bids for risers Are they listed for their minimum 'chairmans value' you still get higher bids that way and you wont get bids if your minimum fee is too high either. Try adjusting the prices to the minimum. If you have done that already then try taking them off the transfer list and putting them on again. If all that doesn't work then I guess you should send a ticket to the administrators.
  14. Re: Petition for 1 in 5 GCs to be normal. I don't think the Lottery idea is a good one either. Like someone just said its perfectly fair to give us an exact time and date then let us compete for clubs with our mouse clicks. At least 50% of all future gold worlds should start in that way in my opinion.
  15. Re: Gold Championship 80 Match Reports/News/Transfers Thread
  16. Re: Gold Championship 80 Match Reports/News/Transfers Thread I was getting pretty worried about playing Fluminense in my next league game after their 12 - 0 thumping of Houston Dynamo in the SMFA Shield until I realised Houston only fielded one player..lol
  17. Re: Help Needed MANNONE, Vito he is a keeper (GK) Basically long term keepers are hard to judge right 100% of the time because real players can stop developing for a number of reasons like injuries, being dropped from the 1st team and/or their international team, relegation, too many late nights on the town, or if their team stops qualifying for continental competitions on a regular basis or if the player is transferred to a club in league which is of a lower standard than his current one. So its best to check on how each of your players are doing in real life on a regular basis usually ev
  18. Re: Gold Championship 80 Match Reports/News/Transfers Thread I am very happy with my new signing Sergio JUNIOR DUTRA dubbed the 'new Kaka' I hope he does become a great. I would like to advertise the fact that I am still on the lookout for two quality players to bring in on loan, the higher rated the better so if you have some players you want to keep and not play and also keep the concerns down with then pm me in game Most useful to me would be a CM or LM or RM or WING or a CF
  19. Re: Dionatan Nascimento - DEF - MSK Kosice meh, I just saw an article about him on Sky Sports website and looked for him on here no biggee.
  20. Re: Dionatan Nascimento - DEF - MSK Kosice arrived in Eastern Europe in the 2008 summer from Brazilian club Londrina. I guess he looks old for his age here is a full body shot for you to inspect
  21. This player has only had the smallest of mentions on this forum and played his first pro game just over a month ago. So I guess its about time he was added to the database. Name: Dionatan Nascimento Full Name: DIONATAN DO NASCIMENTO TEIXEIRA Nationality: Brazilian Age: 17 D.O.B: 24 July 1992 Club: MSK Kosice (Slovakia) Position: Defender Career Stats: One start (subbed at 46mins) no substitute appearances Linked to: Host of continental clubs including a recently failed bid by Blackburn Rovers due to work permit problems.http://www.skysports.com/story/0,19528,11676_5743361,00.html W
  22. Re: Before you report a long term CHEAT read this! ..............................No.
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