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  1. Re: Before you report a long term CHEAT read this! Here is the ticket I sent which successfully got 2 managers removed (Barca and Roma) and the players transferred from Roma moved back to Roma by the SMFA, hope it helps: I have only recently joined this game-world but I have already noticed some very suspicious activity centred around a group of players with the same surname Howey. The most recent bout of suspicious activity started when a player called 'Micah Richards' took over the Roma team and immediatley put the best Roma players up for sale. Then even though I put a higher bid in fo
  2. Re: Greig Spence Mystery man caught out on a date with posh spice- The Sun
  3. Re: Before you report a long term CHEAT read this! I'm a newbie trying to get some cheats out of my game world. The most recent incident one of them took over a team and sold all its best players to his mates even though me and some other teams where bidding more. I reported it and got two of them banned but there is still 6 or 7 clubs in a cartel who will no doubt cheat again in some way, anyone got any advice on how to get rid of them all quick and stop them returning? I have set-up a newspaper campaign to try and get the other 'fair playing' managers to help spot anything that breaks the
  4. Re: On the quest to the perfect team That link takes me to MY team
  5. Re: Summer Leagues Ratings Changes- HELP Found them, great, thanks buddy. Man that search engine is weak, we should just write 'Smith, Tommy' and/or Tommy Smith and it comes up.
  6. Re: Summer Leagues Ratings Changes- HELP Thanks always good to have another buyers team to scan through. I cant find Tommy or Korey Smith in the database though, probably because there are too many Smiths and it only throws one page out there. Is there a trick to getting them to come up? Or failing that could you just tell me what teams they play for in real life.
  7. Re: Didier zokora (sevilla) I bidded for Zokora a few days ago he has started 9 out of 11 Primera DivisiĆ³n games and made one sub appearance and started 5 out of 5 champions league games so I figured he was in for a +1 at least and as he is a versatile def so he will be good cover for my defence. Apparently he is in direct competition for a place in the Seville team with his fellow Ivory Coast international team mate ROMARIC, N'Dri who is rated at 90 on the SM database. ROMARIC has been out on a long term injury and is now back fighting to get back in the team. Zokora and Romaric have publi
  8. MLDave

    +5 risers

    Re: +5 risers Pedro was cheap for me, 2m from Barca 83 > 87 Gianluca HAVERN 63 > 70 Andros TOWNSEND 67 > 72 Tom TAIWO 70 > 76 Roberto ARDILES 70 > 78
  9. Re: Brazil vs England England have some great players, they need to have more confidence in themselves and pass it round a bit more in the opponents half to create chances. All the long balls they do when they play elite teams is generally a safer way to play but its a waste of talent. Rooney is the perfect player to be our Kaka on the front of a diamond with Gerrard on the left and Lampard on the right and Barry as a holding midfielder. I would have them pretty deep and Gerrard and Lampard usually slightly inside about 10 yards off the touchline. Then they move forward as a team with the s
  10. Looking for some 10k risers from the summer leagues since there seems to be a lack of threads on them at the moment. So who have people invested in from the following leagues: Armenia, Belarus, Russia & Ukraine. Australia, Eastern Asia & Southeast Asia Finland, Iceland, Norway & Sweden. Colombia, Ecuador, Paraguay & USA. Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania & Rep Ireland. Africa & the Middle East. Please feel free to suggest ANY decent risers or even players with a lot of potential in the long term. Here are the only ones I have so far, With some amateur predictions:
  11. Medieval war game which just started on the 1st Nov 09. use this reference please: Http://dk.s1.armatribes.com/CreateUser.aspx?ref=MadLord
  12. Re: Argentinian Analysis 09/10 Apertura, the story so far and who to watch. Whats happened to Emir Faccioli, he has not played for Lanus yet this season, is he injured?
  13. Re: List of Cheap risers and potential risers Found a couple of strikers, scoring freely for SV Zulte-Waregem in Belgium which could both be in for at least a +4 rise in December. Name................POS...Age..Start..SuB...Mins..Goals...Rating Cris Makiese ......CF......22.....8......3......770....6.......77>81/80 Teddy Chevalier .CF......22.....9......1......805....6....... 77>81/80
  14. Re: WALTER - The next U-20 Brazillian Prodigy Anyone have any recent info on Walter? I Searched the web for half an hour but could not find anything new. Is he playing/scoring for the Internacional youth team? Has he apologised for his outburst? Is it more likely he will get back in the team or move elsewhere? with a 5m+ talent like that maybe Internacional will not be backing down for a long time if Walter does not apologise and start brown-nosing it a bit. I mean they won't want to let him go on the cheap.
  15. Re: One month after the Brazilian changes... (the keep/sell thread)
  16. Re: One month after the Brazilian changes... (the keep/sell thread) Thanks to you MSF I will make a 30m profit with the signings you scouted, plus have a whole first team of Brazilians and some quality youths left over. My Carlisle team in my first season on SM is sitting 2nd in the league with the best Goal Difference (by far) out of all four divisions: We have scored an amazing 72 goals in our first 18 games Anyways three players so far unmentioned in this thread so far which I am not sure about selling or keeping are: NUNES, Anderson LUCAS, Rios Marques BRUNO GALLO, Vieira advice wou
  17. Re: Roberto Ardiles - 10k riser Looks like a good buy What site did you use to find out how many minutes he has played?
  18. Re: ???Striker Rated 84(or Less) that will Rise to 87+ Soon Yeah, I went for Cisse in the end because Weldon was a little more than I could afford right now, I hope he does well, he will have to if he wants to keep ex AC Milan forward Jon Dahl Tomasson and ex Bayern Munich forward Roy Makaay out of the Feyenoord team. Cisse is lightning quick apparently and can play on the wing too so I reckon he will do good.
  19. Re: Risers on Loan in League One (England)
  20. Re: Risers on Loan in League One (England) League 2 mate. I'm not even sure if my predictions are gonna be that accurate. They all follow the same logic but maybe they are a little bit low or a little high even. I've only been playing a week so I'm not sure. ....maybe someone can let me know?
  21. Re: Risers on Loan in League One (England) England League One loan Risers 2009/10 (Part Two) Oldham Athletic Alex Marrow - CM/RB - 19 yrs - loaned from Blackburn Current Rating 68 - -> 71 (+3) possibly 74 (+6) Box to Box midfielder Alex Marrow has started all six of Oldhams league one games and is reported to be enjoying the loan spell. The current loan deal runs out in January 2010 giving Marrow plenty of time to get some games under his belt before the next ratings change. Nick Blackman - Fwd/AM - 19yrs - loaned from Blackburn Current Rating 73 - -> 75 (+2) possibly 77 (+4)
  22. England League One loan Risers 2009/10 (Part One) This was going to be a list of Carlisle Utd risers but there was only four! so I threw in a some of the best players currently on loan to league one clubs, who have the potential to rise in rating during the next changes. Carlisle Utd Gary Madine- FW - 19yrs Current Rating: 72 - -> 74 (+2) possibly 76 (+4) On the terraces and behind the scenes it is expected that Gary will play many games this season. A tall (6ft 3") and strongly built player who has proven himself banging in the goals for the Carlisle youth and reserve set-ups has
  23. Hey, I'm looking for a striker for my cup team and I have limited funds. Can anyone recommend a striker (CF or Fwd) rated 84 or below that will rise to 87 or more during their next ratings change? I've scoured the forums for the last hour or so and these are my best looking options so far: CISSE, Sekou (24yrs) - Fwd - (predicted rating change 84 => 87/88) Has started every game for Feyenoord so far this season more games than any other listed attacker at the club including Roy Makaay. He also gained two caps for the Ivory Coast over the summer but in both games he only came on as substit
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