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  1. Re: 10k Risers List Here is the only four I have on my shortlist at the moment which I took from XPratX's thread on the Slovakian corgon liga: http://forum.soccermanager.com/showthread.php?t=38148 Dobias (70+10) CB Boszorad (70+7) CB (position change>RM) Luptak (70+5) FW (position change>LM/AM) Uskovic (70+8) FW
  2. MLDave

    SM - Mock The Week

    Re: SM - Mock The Week Bad things players think about while shooting: Eduardo lines up to take a shot "shall I dive to the left or the right this week?"
  3. Re: Better Game Engine (part 58) Yeah I DO MIND change it back, lol, not really. I hope SM do find some way to improve the match engine as pretty much all the effort people put into this game is geared towards the results we get on matchday. To do itself justice SM needs a match engine similar in complexity and accuracy to that of FM, it should be based primarily on individual players' ratings and then how they react/gel with the players around them on their own team and how they react/compete with the opponents they face. I would also like to see the introduction of more detailed ratin
  4. MLDave

    SM - Mock The Week

    Re: SM - Mock The Week We soundproofed the walls at the neighbours request!
  5. I may be wrong here but isn't the match engine inadequate because SM play so many games at the same time; 20:00GMT so the match engine is limited to what it can do in that short space of time? To have a better match engine I think the first thing that needs to be done is for SM either to buy far faster processors and bigger hard drives or maybe we the users could lend our computer power kinda like some medical research companies do to help compute results. Another option would be for matches to take 12hrs or 16hrs to be played and we get the results the next day. All of the above ideas would
  6. Re: Risers to: 90+ in 2009/10 season Thanks guys, didn't spot anyone (yet) who was not already snapped up though. Thanks to Phil too as he pointed out some things which a total amateur could have missed (not me:D.) I think I spot some small English>German + German>English miscommunication, lol. Some good links too.
  7. I am new to SM and despite using the 'search forum' tool I can not seem to find a thread quite like what I'm looking for (gulp) so...... Who are all the players (and their positions) currently rated under 90 who will, most probably, be above 90 by the end of the 2009/10 season? I think it is a good idea to have a 'quick reference' guide just for players of special 'in the top teams soon' quality that have already been found by scouts on SM, Not just for me but for everyone.
  8. Re: What to expect from the upcoming Brazilian changes/additions? Very Nice indeed, will get my first season of wheeling and dealing on SM off to a flier.
  9. Re: HELP? The Best CM quick riser?? Thanks for the quick reply fella's Looked through those and the winner is..... WILLIANS (18 games and only 10 yellow cards) and I'll probably pick up Bruno Gallo (bargain at 40k) maybe even Jucilei too if I have enough spare cash. What does anyone think some of players I've already bought will rise to (if at all) in their next review? FLECK, John Wing/Fwd 18yrs rating:77 *Rangers prodigy, I guess it depends on if he gets picked for champions league as well as domestic. +4 if he plays regular, maybe. - KHALIL, Ahmed Fwd 18yr
  10. I have been scouring these forums for hours but can't find a CM who fits my criteria of being rated over 79, a riser (soon) and under 2m. So who would you guys recommend? The best I have found so far is: CM/DM Warken ADILSON who is 22 yrs and currently rated at 80 -1.4M (chairman rating) -2m (SM rating) I have not seen him play but according to 'soccerway' he has started 17 games in the Brazilian Serie A 2009 for Gremio. I guess he may go up +3 (at most) but this is my first season on SM so don't anybody take my word for it.
  11. Re: "Crippling attendances and gate receipts" I just started as Carlisle Utd's new manager; So the way attendance works will have nothing to do with how I do on this game and will instead reflect the attendances Carlisle get in real life. Is that right? It does not seem right to me- ATTENDANCES SHOULD REFLECT HOW WELL YOUR TEAM IS DOING ON THIS GAME. a simple formula based on overall team rating, current league position and amount of games played this season should do the trick. If you keep the current way of working out attendances then you may as well ban promotion for teams with low at
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