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  1. Fair Deal? I think i should do as CHIELLINI is younger and RIO is going downhill?
  2. Re: New AM-Dzagoev or pjanic? Mesut Ozil
  3. Re: Which is the better? Iniesta has a slight chance of getting 97 right? Doesn't he? As for Lass and Gourcuff both are getting 92 right?
  4. Re: Wingers Rodríguez Pedro of Barca. Rated at 83 and 22 years old.
  5. Who is the better buy? 1stly-> Kaka or Iniesta? 2ndly-> Lass Diarra or Yoann Gourcuff? Comments please
  6. Will his rating drop?
  7. Re: PORTUGAL – 1st and 2nd Division extensive thread - Disscusion Thread Will REGULA, Paulo and CARLAO, Alexandre rise? what will be their ratings
  8. Re: asenjo or NEUER, Buy both Keepers
  9. Re: What to expect from the upcoming Brazilian changes/additions? Will CARLAO, Alexandre rise?
  10. Re: who should i try and buy How about MARIN, Marko? OZIL, Mesut?
  11. Re: Looking for a LB What about M'BENGUE, Cheikh is he going to rise?
  12. Re: Looking for a LB Will Criscito rise? Im not very sure...
  13. Re: Will they rise or drop? Should i sell Fellaini cos i think he has reached his peak
  14. Re: Looking for a LB His rated at 88 and aged 31??? i doubt he will be worth it
  15. I have a few question on this players. Will they rise or drop? Should i keep them? PABLO HERNANDEZ, Dominguez ANDERSON, Luis FELLAINI, Marouane KALOU, Salomon AMRABAT, Nordin TOIVONEN, Ola TASCI, Serdar AGBONLAHOR, Gabriel MEIRA, Fernando NANI, Luís
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