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  1. The Forum is looking better - that's a plus, the first team, youth, loaned out function now works in Firefox - another plus, However I can't find my club stadium capacity anywhere. This i want to check as it was supposed to increase after the update. As for the general update - too early too tell as i'm still finding my way around..
  2. Just a couple of questions: Is the squad cap now 50 or 40? What are the transfer window dates? Cheers Nick (Porto)
  3. Club History Section: Include a graph with the clubs highest place finish for each season so you can physically see if you are managing improvement or just stagnation. Also a highest place league finish next to the highest crowd figures
  4. Steven, I'm chuffed that at last this change is going to be made. All those seasons of struggling to top Division 1 with Walsall's 18,000 average attendance may soon be over. It's great that the gate will be less dependant on real life & more on your league position, this may even stop me & other managers in my position having to buy hundreds of risers & sell good players in order to stay financially afloat
  5. Re: 17 May matches not played. No results through for yesterday (Wednesday) in our set up either
  6. Re: SM Worlds Suggested Improvements Discussion You can't separate the money issue from the squad issue. Players cost money to buy, wages cost money every week, without the finances in place through properly realised attendance and gate money small clubs will not be able to afford these. Instead they'll be stuck buying the £50000 risers as always to stay afloat. I did check the thread
  7. Re: Riferimento: Re: Stadium Building Cheers Soccahappy - have posted my tuppenceworth
  8. Re: SM Worlds Suggested Improvements Discussion For me, Squad limitations & Keeping managers are both invariably linked to the one big issue not on your list: Attendance. I say attendance because people always focus on Stadium building, but unless the crowd is filling those stadiums it's irrelevant. I don't want player training, selling advertising & all the other distractions from what matters, tactics and players. Squad sizes cannot be tackled until teams like my Walsall can stop hoarding risers in order to survive. There is simply no other way a small club in the top league, pla
  9. Re: SUPERNAG - NDF's Criminally Underrated SoccerManager Players Congrats on getting Pascal his long overdue rise!! I gotta admit I bought Pascal several months ago to be part of this brilliant thread - gonna have to find another long term non-riser now
  10. Re: Tozé - 20 year midfielder from Porto Any update on how the lad Toze is doing at Estoril?
  11. Within the club records section of the History tab I'd like to see a Highest Placed Finish entry. This is especially relevant for managers aiming for higher divisions who have not yet won their league. There could be a lot more pertinent information included in the Player Records such as highest goalscorer, most appearances, individual honours won etc. This could clear when a new manager takes over.
  12. Re: AN INTERACTIVE RISERS THREAD ~Risers rated 86 and under
  13. Re: Stadium Building This Stadium Building change is welcome but for those of us that have already taken smaller clubs to the top division and have to regularly sell our best players to survive it won't help. What will help is our existing stadia capacity being filled on a weekly basis AS IT WOULD BE IN REAL LIFE.
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