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  1. I think we should do a thread for every section upcoming when its the next section, so we can buy the players and then they will go up a lot in the rating changes and then we get a good steal. So without further ado discuss the next section and who will be a big riser and who to sell.
  2. Need help quick!!!! Does anyone here know any players that are rated anything from around 64- 78 that will go up a lot their next rating change. Please do not tell me to look at another thread. There are so many pages to read. I just want to know some really cheap players that in maybe 5 or 6 years could be at 90 or above.
  3. Anyone know a center back that is a really good young talent that is an up in coming player. My Budget for it is around 500k I can go a little over but around 500k is what I want to spend. Anyone know any good players.
  4. ussoccer0829


    Re: 80s -> 90s, Must Keep Players and The 90 - Droppers The thing about this website that i don't understand the most is that Landon Donovan is only a 88. That is so biased. He should at least be a 92. I was going over the English players that are rated higher then him and some of these guys could not carry Donovan's jock strap. He scorched Spain and Brazil and scored against Italy. He is also the best player on a top 15 National team. Why can't he be a player 90 or above?? any opinions?
  5. Is their anyone here that has a big club in a Gold Championship and if I took a smaller club would they help me out with some good Loans or Transfers?
  6. Re: Available Teams, No Job Offers! (GC Teams Only!) I am here to share how hard it is to find a club. I am new here and whenever i come on here and someone lists a club i go check to see if it is taken and it is. It is very frustrating that i can't find a club. I was wondering if anyone knows any clubs that are unmanaged and are doing pretty well in their league. They don't have to be the best side ever but just doing well. Any help is appreciated.
  7. Re: Official International Management Job Offers Thread Thank You. I appreciate the help.
  8. Re: Official International Management Job Offers Thread I am new Here and I have a few questions. If you can't get a big club team do you still have a chance of getting a International Team? Who is the person that offers you the Job? Are Soccer Manager the League Creators of Gold Championship? How often are Gold Championships Created? Anybody Know any Gold Championships that have a lot of Available International Sides? How do I view the International Teams in the Gold Championship? How often are Manager Jobs of International Sides Offered? How long do you have to be part of the Gold Championship to be offered? If your team is not doing well can you still get Offered? Any help would be greatly appreciated.
  9. I am new to Soccer Manager and I was wondering If you could create your own Gold Championship or if Only Soccer Manager.com does it. I'd appreciate any effort to answer my question.
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