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  1. Re: Official Red Devils thread

    Hazard has now confirmed via twitter he is signing for the 'Champions League winners' Chelsea....

    He may be toying with the public. Afterall both Man utd and Chelsea have been champions league winners in the past so he may just be ruling out a move to city...

    Lol i doubt this however, and am just saying it in spite of hope.

  2. Re: Official Red Devils thread

    16 posts per day is nothing :P .

    I am only active on sm forum for 1 or 2 hours per day' date='mostly on the evening and I am here now because it is weekend,relaxing a little bit. :)

    [b']Btw - I heard that nani might leave,any opinions?[/b]

    Good riddance, whilst he is extremely talented he is also very inconsistent.

  3. Re: Official Red Devils thread

    I've got my sources who' date=' as i've said in the Arsenal thread, i am not willing to disclose[/b'].

    That's a load of hogwash. We need a proper Attacking Midfielder, who can stay fit, desperately. Song is thick, Rosicky is impotent, Ramsey is terrible and Arteta plays deep. Even if our Jack can get. and stay fit, then we still need depth which we've never had under Wenger. This'd be a massive signing for us. I'd say 85 per cent sure on this.

    Lol, the same sources that claimed that kagawa would sign a new contract with dortmund im presuming.

  4. Re: Official Red Devils thread

    According to the Gossip on the website the Times late last night came out and said we had a 20m bid for Nasri rejected and the Guardian has the same story this morning. Apparently Arsenal are holding out for £25m. Imo' date=' I don't think he is worth £25m considering he has 1 year left on his contract.[/quote']

    Fair point but i think a Sneijder/Nasri type player is the missing piece of the jigsaw for Sir Alex. I also heard on skysports that Nasri will hold talks with wenger and tell him that he wants to join utd... hope its true as he wud be a great asset!

  5. Re: Official Red Devils thread

    I think jones will get many chances to prove himself this season...mayb more than we can imagine. Ferdinand-Vidic combination is reali a solid wall for man utd but ferdinand recently keep on getting injured..probably becz his age is growing. I can c jones replace ferdinand ahead of smalling. Well maybe Jones will be like chicharito' date=' who snatch berbatov 1st team place.. hehe :P[/quote']

    You are joking arent you? Jones is a great prospect but Smalling is in a different league to him! In other words Smalling is by far the better player!

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