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  1. Re: Guide to the 2010 Brazilian season Does Alex Sandro have a better chance of being brazils future left back than Diego Renan? and Is it time to sell Diego Renan IF you have Alex Sandro?
  2. Re: West Bromwich Albion First wow, does this tactic work for all of your teams?
  3. Re: Premiership Ratings By MaoaM
  4. Re: Premiership Ratings By MaoaM what are you on about!? He's the best right winger in the prem and no-one can argue with that as its official. He has every chance of getting his 92. Typical liverpool supporter, always biased.
  5. Re: Johnny evans He played really well against sunderland and earned praise from Jamie Redknap: In other words, he is a MUST KEEP.
  6. Re: Will Atkinson Saw him playing today and he scored a pretty debatable goal. Looks a good talent though.
  7. Will he rise in the next rating changes?
  8. Re: Jack Cork , Dan Golsing and Josh Walker Cork got an assist in burnleys 2-1 defeat to birmingham. should rise to 84.
  9. Re: Johnny evans He wanted to leave to barca. Anyway evans will come out good and will almost certainly get 90.
  10. Re: Joshua King the next Wonderkid I'm pretty sure king will get his chance for Utd next year and impress. Physically and technically he is better than macheda, who is doing well for man u atm.
  11. Re: UEFA Champions League Discussion thread hmm, true. Bayern do not deeserve to win the champions league, they cheated there way to the final!(esp against man u):mad:
  12. Re: Dutch Eredivisie Ratings and Analysis
  13. Re: <<<<<<<<<<My Arsenal Squad Help>>>>>>>>>>> get another gk. for eg. akinfeev, asenjo(long term prospect only), delac or given.
  14. Re: YOU Are The Manager!!! Man Utd GK- Asenjo/Vds RB- Rafael CB- Vidic CB- Evans LB- Evra RCM- Fletcher DCM- Hargreaves LCM- Veloso RF- Valencia CF- Rooney LF- Nani Subs- Vds/Asenjo, Ferdinand, O'shea, Carrick, Park, Giggs, Neymar Transfers in -Asenjo, 5-7 million -Kjaer, 11 million -Veloso 10-15 million -Neymar 10-30 million Transfers Out -Berbatov, 20 million -Tosic, 5 million -Foster, 5 million I think Man u should, first of all, splash out on Neymar(undoubtebly the most talented football youngster in the world) and should not be afraid of spending over 20 million on him(as they did with rooney). Another very good singing would be Sergio Asenjo. He's having a terrible spell at atelitico and i think they will let him go on the cheap. Anyway Utd have a reputation of building up players careers and im sure they can do the same for asenjo. Carrick isn't having a very good season and to replace i think we should get Veloso. A very talented Portuguese international who could also provide cover at the left back position(if evra gets injured). Portugese players have come to old trafford and have had an extraordinary time such as Ronaldo and Nani(starting to become a class act). Another player that i would sign for utd is Kjaer, arguabley one of the best Cb prospects in the world and is already a Denmark international. I'm sure we have the edge against liverpool for him after there terrible season(). With ferdinand being injured alot, i can see evans playing alot for man utd next season.
  15. Re: Victor Wanyama - Younger Brother of Mcdonald Mariga rose to 78 today and has had a positional change, he is now a CM/CB.
  16. Re: Lower Rated World Cup Teams/Players jonathan dos santos of barcelona should go to the world cup with mexico. he's 20 yrs old, has 1 cap and is only 78 rated.
  17. Re: Brasileiro Review AND Class of risers - 2010/11 (Some already on DB)
  18. Re: Official Red Devils thread 3-1 now, super giggs keeps his cool
  19. Re: Brasileiro Review AND Class of risers - 2010/11 (Some already on DB)
  20. Re: Potential Ligue 1 Risers...The Unofficial Version how highly do you rate Maxime GONALONS?
  21. Re: Riferimento: Re: Romelu Lukaku to 87?
  22. Re: Jupiler Pro League 2009/2010 hes a pretty good talent and should get a decent rise nexr week or so but after that i am planning to sell. he is only worth keeping if you don't have better yound DM talents for eg. sandro as if you keep him there is a danger that other players(or him) could get concerns if your squad size is too big.
  23. Re: UEFA Champions League Discussion thread why isnt badstuber playing? is he injured? C'mon Lyon!!!
  24. Re: Zakaria Labyad yh, that is a true wonder goal. gr8 find Tiƫsto:)
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