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  1. Re: Isco (Next David Silva) Added to the db at 75:)
  2. Re: Valencia Rising Striker--Paco(Francisco Alcacer) From what i've seen he is more similiar to torres.
  3. Re: Douglas costa to shakhtar He is sublime in this recent video...
  4. Re: Valencia Rising Striker--Paco(Francisco Alcacer) Added today at 75!!
  5. Re: Under 90 stars of the future (EPL and football league) RAFAEL da silva. will soon be making his full brazil debut
  6. Re: First look at the 2010 Brasileiro risers He has joined FC Porto.
  7. Re: Italys first team XI for 2014 Any of you lot got a prediction of the line-up?
  8. Re: Gueïda Fofana (75): +6 Riser He's rating 80 now. Looks a very good talent as he has captained France at all youth levels. Played the full 90 minutes against Austria on Wednesday in a 5-0 thrashing where he was also the captain.
  9. Re: La Liga-low rated youngsters Do you reckon oriol romeu has the potential to be better than busquets?
  10. Re: Oriol Romeu He's been playing quite a lot at the u-19 championship for Spain.
  11. Re: Guide to the 2010 Brazilian season only just relised that he's new on the game
  12. Who do you think will be starting for italy at the brazil 2014 world cup?
  13. Re: Guide to the 2010 Brazilian season What are your rating predictions for Bruno CESAR and Oliveira JONATHAN, insider?
  14. Re: La Liga-low rated youngsters How highly do you rate González BORJA?? could he be the next big thing??
  15. Re: La Liga-low rated youngsters Who will be the future left-back for spain in your opinion?
  16. mob96


    Need help! Is this a good formation? Heres my squad... http://www.soccermanager.com/profile.php?action=clubdetails&clubdetailstab=squad&cid=899515&clubid=812431&sid=4196 What formation would you use with my squad and with what team instructions??
  17. Re: Jose Angel - Promising Spanish Full Back whose a better talent, angel or canella?
  18. Re: La Liga - Ratings and Analysis (2010/2011) who is the best left back prospect in la liga?
  19. Re: Pato for Forlan? do it. forlan is aeging whilst pato is still young and a future brazil star.
  20. Re: Pato or Ibra Without a shadow of doubt, get pato!
  21. Re: In 1 Years Time... Lloris-94(moves to a bigger club) Pedro- 93 Rafael- 90 J. Evans- 91/90 Kjaer- 92/93 (moves to a big club) G. Clichy 92/93 (moves to barca) C.Fabregas- 96 (moves to barca) J.Martinez- 92/93 (moves to a big club) D.Gibson- 89 A.Song- 92 J.Pastore- 92/91 Torres- 97 (moves to barca) G. Pique- 95/96 (barca are once again dominant in la liga) A. Pato- 93/94 (moves to a better club) Neymar- 90(moves to a big club) C. Smalling- 86/87 Wellington silva- 85/86/87 (a big hit at arsenal) R. Toloi- 89/90 T. Cairney- 85/86/87 (moves to either liverpool, man utd, arsenal or chelsea)
  22. I Need an AM rated 91+, any ideas? Ive tried for ozil but the manager wont sell unless i give him alot of money and a decent cm (i only have song, fabregas, martinez and pjanic). I bidded 35m plus pjanic for him and it got rejected so i dont think i'd be able to get him.
  23. Re: Deal for J Martinez I would do the deal. Martinez should take over from xabi alonso in a few years and should move clubs this summer.
  24. Re: What is the most successful/best tactic on sm?
  25. Re: Sell or Keep lol u sed sandro twice.
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