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  1. This for me is a good idea, as it would allow lower clubs more ability to actually play the game when they start competitng for top honours. I say this because I manage Gillingham and after 6 seasons im in Europa League... problem I have is that the wages are too high (squad of just 18 players), and my stadium will not increase past 25,000 My chairman gives me about £1million transfer budget a season, with the expectation of a title push...I am losing 400-500k per away match turn. Chairman should allocate a wage and transfer budget not all combined into one.
  2. I think injuries are too long in relation to the game. When you have players injured for 5 months that's like 2 seasons in game which is ridiculous... For Example my Neymar just got injured for 7 weeks for a pulled calf muscle and so will miss 14 league games alone, which is ridiculous for a pulled calf muscle. I also think they occur far too often, I get an injury most games. Also when injuries happen during game the players do not get automatically subsituted which is silly, because If your GK gets injured your screwed basically and have no way to make the change. The game engine should h
  3. Re: Hazard + Lahm = Iniesta?? Hmm thanks for fast responses guys, yeah Im big fan of Hazard, but i already have so many players in that position and I think Iniesta will stay 97 for at least 2+ years? Will Lahm stay 94 for a while yet?
  4. Hi so i am Arsenal and I offered Eden Hazard + Philip Lahm + 10m for Iniesta and it has been accepted... is this a good deal for me? Currenty I play with 3 defenders 4 mids and 3 strikers Current Defs: Dani Alves Hummels Pique Thiago Silva Kompany Alba Lescott Varane Current Mids: Busquets Fabregas Ozil Gotze Bale Schweinsteiger Eriksen Thiago Wilshere Lucas What should i do??
  5. Re: Ivanoivc, Evans, Ranocchia or Vertonghen? I already have those players! I have £25 mill to spend, who should i buy from Ivanovic, Evans, Ranocchia and Vertoghen? All are around £15-18 mill
  6. I have £25 mill, all are available at around £15-18m who should i buy? Current Defenders: Phil Jones Varane Alba Gibbs Buttner Jenkinson J.Boateng Carvajal Thanks.
  7. Re: Gillingham for champions league! Debating buying Jonny Evans is at an unmanaged club? for £15m? Sold Giroud now have abou £105m
  8. Hi so ive been managing Gillingham and thiss is my 7th season. Im in the premier league and secured a europa league spot last season fnishing 7th. This season im looking to at least 5th or if possible 4th spot finish. Im currently sat 2nd after 4 games. My squad: GK: Hart, Butland, Gazzinga, Andrada DEFENDERS: Boateng (just signed) Phil Jones, Varane, Alba, Gibbs, Carvajal, Buttner, Jenkinson MIDFIELD: Reus, Gotze, Lucas, Wilshere, Ramsey, Pogba, Sterling, Ox Chambo, Mata Thiago ST: Mandzukic, Neymar, Giroud, El Shaarawy I play 4-4-1-1 I have £94m to spend... where should i strengthen?
  9. Ok so Im in a competivie game world and recently Thomas Muller and Chielling became available.. I bid 40m for Chiellini and someone else bidded Badstuber and Adrianowhos combined value is around £27-28m. Both bids were accepted but he got the deal? I bid £36 for Muller and someone else bid £17m and demba BA combined vaue of about £27-28m again... He got the deal? Why would the club choose to proceed with a deal almost £10m less? Really annoying lost out on two players...
  10. Ok so Im gillingham in my game world and I have a decent squad and am 7th in the Premier League. I just sold David Silva, Eriksen and Javi Garcia for combined £75m, so I have this to spend. There are quite a few extrernal players avalable but i don't know who to buy? My best player is Mario Gotze (91). Fabregas- 40m Gomez- 15m (Will likely buy him) Hart- £18m (buying him) Modric £15m Mata £20m Vidal- £18m Valencia - £15m With the money who should I get? My team is mainly all 89/90's and young players so all of these will be first teamers. I play 4-4-1-1
  11. Hi so i've wanted a CAM for a while now and decided to go for Ozil as Iniesta bid was rejected. Barca manager was desperate for RVP so i made Him offer of RVP+20M (money is useless) and Rafinha.... He accepted.. Is this a good deal im having doubts... My current strikers (I like playing with 2 normally but can switch to 1 if needed) Striker: Messi Ibra Aguero Neymar CAM Gotze D.Silva Hazard Fab (norm play him CM tho)
  12. I have a great team but i always end up winning all the early games and losing every closing games and don't win the league. I just got beat 4-3 by river plate who had a rating of 80 my team is: neuer lahm pique thiago silva dani alves schweinsteiger fabregas silva ibrahimovic messi van persie/aguero
  13. Hi, i think this needs addressing: I recently bought 2 players from managed clubs in my game world who were unhappy because of their lack of games.... I therefore was able to buy them as they handed in transfer requests. After buying them there morale is still rock bottom low, even after being transfered to a new team. Also when buyign new players you have no choice on how long a contract to offer them. I signed Jack Wilshere and he was given a 1 year contract and he already wants a rise.
  14. Re: Kyle Walker or Thiago Alcantara Ok i bid all my money lol. I should get a bit back after Nasri+ramsey sell. If walker is still available ill go for him +Javi Martinez.
  15. Re: Kyle Walker or Thiago Alcantara Thanks for all the help guys. I am going to bid for thiago first only because there are no current intrested people in Walker. Also i am holding out to sell Nasri, i rejected 2 vid's of 45m but looking for 60m. I was going to sign Walker first however i play 3-5-2 mostly so he would have limited game time. Im also selling Ramsey for 12m so i could fit Thiago in quite easily. Thanks for all the help guys ASlso there are two bids for Thiago from other clubs :/ i bid 15.1m should i bid more? my highest allowed is 17.5 but i only have 17.2m Thanks
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