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  1. a userguide for tactics would be useful explain de different tactics and formations what they do and what the strong and weak points are of it.
  2. . standing first in competion last games 3 times loses and 2 times draw now standing second. if it was already decided at the begin. not very happy. hope they game play improves but now tactics are not good.
  3. Re: Sergio Canales yeah but i saw a goal of him very beautiful, also how he walks etcetera i love it. very good player. had him also when he was free transfer was 17 years then. the deal with Real is almost done
  4. Re: LM and a RM thx, Hazard iv bought. im trying to get perotti, di maria and p hernandes but managers ask ridicolous transfers. Mata and vargas i can try but think managers dont wanne sell them.
  5. Re: Rating Changes pique 90 thiago silva 89 hamsik 90 jovetic 88 asenjo 88 those im trying to get.
  6. Hi do you guys know good LM's and RM's. i play 3-5-2 and need flank players. i need 88+ players. silva is transfered already. thx for any comments.
  7. Re: Raul ? Drop or stay ? yeah but that will be a loss of 7-8 million. he's 32 year old also van nistelrooy is going to drop so sell him to if you have him.
  8. Re: Raul ? Drop or stay ? i say sell it if you still want some cash of him.
  9. Re: helping on deal im thinking long term, have already bought alot of talent like zezinho. have Ronaldo 98 as a striker and Higuain, plus the oldies Raul and v Nistelrooy. Need a good midfielder.
  10. Hi, i can get Fabregas 95 of Arsenal in an exchange deal. he want M. Diarra 93 and K. Benzema 93 for it. is it a good deal or not? thx for response.
  11. Re: Help With Deal(s) Thread... Hi i can get Fabregas 95 from Arsenal in an exchange deal iv Real Madrid. and he want for exchange M. Diarra 93 and K. Benzema 93. What do you guys think is that good or bad, help needed for that. thank you already for answers
  12. Re: Khouma Babacar yeah didnt see that see it now in other player forum.
  13. Khouma Babacar (They say it becomes the new Drogba like Lukaku ) Is 16 years. Not yet on DB. An Forward. Plays at Fiorentina Manchester United and Real Madrid try to get him. From an article. Grtz.
  14. Re: Arsenal Ratings think the ratings will be ****, iv arsenal but think not much players will rate.
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