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  1. Re: New Young Forward - Who to Sign? This will sound very random and you'll probably either ignore or disbelieve what I'm about to say, but towards the end of season one with my Marsielle team I needed another forward, so I bought Sebastian Gularte for something like 100k. He's rated 73, he's 18 and Uruaguayan. Now, this season (2) I've played him in every cup and shield game and he has been unstoppable. In just seven games he's scored 11 goals, making it to top scorer in the shield ahead of Wayne Rooney with six goals. Because of him, we're now in the final. It is most probably just a fluke
  2. Re: Bullying Game World Owner I was actually going to write another post after that, it was slightly taken out of context. After that quote, I then said 'but I guess you won't'. Obviously I want to buy Ronaldo, who doesn't? As I've said a few times now, I am really sorry and realise that even though I wanted Ronaldo it doesn't make it right to try and intimidate people so I get him. I have also said that I've ended my interest in Ronaldo now; no more bids, taken off shortlist. I am not hassling him anymore, be it wrongly or rightly, because of what's happened. I have messaged Ashh to perso
  3. Re: Bullying Game World Owner I won't do it again; and I'm not just saying that, like I said before this is a one-off and I realise that I took it way too far. The fact is, since I saw this thread this morning I've noticed how bad it was and all day I've been analysing myself and wondering whether I really am a horrible person. I'd like to think I'm not; clearly none of you think that's the case. Again, apologies to Ashh and anyone else. I don't know what else to say, I've never been in a situation like this before in my life, I'm just trying to explain myself and attempt to right the wron
  4. Re: Splash Your Cash- Brand New Setup! Please read the 'Bullying Gameworld Owner' thread everyone- it'll explain a lot. I've apologised and now realise I was severely wrong.
  5. Re: Bullying Game World Owner Ok guys, look. I'm sorry. I've geniuinely never tried to do anything like this on SM, I love this game, I just made this new gameworld and really want to do well in it with Barca. I realise now I've gone over the top with pursuing Ronaldo and perhaps a couple of others, so as of now I'll drop my interest in him and leave 'Ashh' alone. I'd like you all to stay, but if you feel that the gameworld is that bad already because of my ways then by all means leave (if you see it necessary). I want everyone to enjoy the gameworlds I create, I didn't realise I was getting
  7. Re: Splash Your Cash- Brand New Setup! Okay guys, just a quick one. If you have any active friends that you think would be interested in joining the gameworld, let me know, give them their name and get them to add me so I can give them a job. Also, I've made a few enquiries for players, mainly top wingers. If anyone has a 93+ winger I'd be more than willing to do a good and fair deal. Last thing, please get writing newspaper reports, maybe you could write about your new job or your squad. I want us all to be active and make the setup more appealing to others. Cheers.
  8. Re: Splash Your Cash- Brand New Setup! And to those who've already requested clubs, all job offers are in (I think). Let me know if you haven't received one or have received an offer for the wrong club.
  9. Re: Splash Your Cash- Brand New Setup! Please read other posts before requesting clubs- if you did that you'd know that unfortunately both of those clubs are taken. However a lot of big clubs are still free, including; Bayern Munchen (please sell me Ribery or Robben if you want them) Milan Porto Juventus Atletico Madrid Lyon Roma Sevilla Valencia The list goes on.. Add Tom Rodwell (Gold member, picture of Pato) as a friend and tell me what job you want and you'll probably get it.
  10. Re: Splash Your Cash- Brand New Setup! Jobs will be handed out soon guys, you're all currently getting the clubs you want. If any of you could be so kind as to selling me a top winger (93+) in return it'd be much appreciated Thanks for the support- hope your all really active and make this gameworld an interesting one. Cheers.
  11. Re: Splash Your Cash- Brand New Setup! I know mate, your a friend already. You're also in my Six of the Best and I was in your EML You can have Inter- 'Ashh' had picked Real.
  12. Re: Splash Your Cash- Brand New Setup! 'Killaroo'- yes you can have Arsenal, what's your SM name- mine's Tom Rodwell. I'm a gold member and have a picture of Pato. Add me as a friend so I can offer you the job. And Ashh, obviously Real Madrid are one of the best teams you can get, so I will have to get back to you on that one in case a friend wants it- if not you will be first to hear about it. Unless you can offer me a similar job or deal? Thanks for the interest guys, job offers won't be straightaway but should come in within 24 hours at the most.
  13. Hi guys, you may have seen my previous thread on ideas for my new custom GW; thanks to all those who provided ideas, all were interesting. But, what I'm sure most of you are actually here for is to get your hands on some information and, of course, a club. 'Splash Your Cash' is an almost identical gameworld to a standard WC, except in order to make it more interesting for myself and others I have placed Barcelona in Division 4. I am managing them and it looks as if a friend of mine will be taking Chelsea, so please don't request to manage those teams. The economy is set to very rich- hence t
  14. Hi everyone, I should first explain that I'm not a complete 'noob' on SM, my rep is 101 and I currently own three gameworlds. Not that it's relevant but I've won a few trophies with several teams and I like to think that I'm not too bad at most aspects of the game. However just now I've purchased a 'Custom Gameworld Slot' which when I use will be my fourth gameworld. The reason I've created this thread is because I'm a bit stuck for ideas for my team, the setup type, amount of teams etc. I manage two Barcelona's, Real Madrid, Chelsea, Inter, Marsielle and Liverpool. Like most people I would
  15. Re: Help With Deal(s) Thread... Hi again guys. Been a busy day for me Came on SM to find I've just had an offer for Pato accepted. He's one of my most favourite players and I genuinely think he'll go up in the approaching changes. Basically the offer I made was.. wait for it.. it's quite surprising at first.. Berbatov, Demichelis and 5 million. I know Demichelis is the same rating as him and also that Berbatov is higher and didn't go down, but I'm told Demichelis isn't looking like improving and I already have Puyol, Carvalho, Gallas and Pique too. For forwards, I have Drogba (top scorer in
  16. Re: Help With Deal(s) Thread... Hi guys, I manage Barca in one of my GW's and yesterday I had an offer for Messi. I love him as a player, he's the best in the world and I know his future potential i.e. to not go down and stay the best for several years. Before you read the offer, I must first say that I accepted it and the deal has gone through; I guess I'm just looking to find out if I did the right thing. It was Drogba + Carvalho + 6 million. I thought it was a good deal for both me and Milan (who bought him), particularly as Carvalho will now start at CB instead of Gallas and I also have
  17. WonderKid

    Haye vs valuev

    Re: Haye vs valuev Haye was fantastic and deserves the title, he did exactly what he said- 'make Valuev look stupid'. Fair play to the big man, he's more than just a huge boxer- but Haye got almost everything right. Hope you guys enjoyed it as much as I did.
  18. Re: Football Manager 2010 Hi guys, I've just joined Spurs and spent what little budget they have on signing the frankly amazing Rafa Van Der Vaart. Anyone reccommend cheap and top quality youths? Cheers.
  19. Re: Help With Deal(s) Thread... I've seen a lot worse deals for Messi, put it that way, but given that Kaka is still right up there with the best and Lass Diarra is very highly rated in Madrid atm (as well as being due a rise) it probably isn't that amazing, but at the same time you've hardly conned yourself.
  20. Re: Football Manager 2010 Is it actually worth buying FM10? It seems to me from what I've seen is that all they've done is 'improve' some of the faults of 09- which I completely hated. It did actually work on my laptop in the end, yet I wish it didn't as it was a massive let down. So is it actually the same or similar to FM09? If it is, it'll be another year without a decent management sim.
  21. Re: Help With Deal(s) Thread... Yeah I was gonna, he's been injured for two or three months now and got injured on his debut. I would sell him, but I don't really know who for, considering Torres is already being targeted. Villa's TB, Messi's unavailable, Ibra's TB- not that many other options because even though I wouldn't want to swap him straight back Benzema's also TB. Anyone else you think I should go for? Maybe cashing in would be an idea- season's just finished so money will be flowing freely again..
  22. Re: "Elite Managers Lounge" Transfers/Match Report Thread Just wondering.. wasn't there meant to be a Standard GW up for grabs for best manager in season 1? If it's been handed out already, who'd it go to?
  23. Re: Help With Deal(s) Thread... Hi everyone, I'm offering Kaka with my Real Madrid (who've won both league and cup in my first season) for Fernando Torres. I have Eto'o, Henry, Diego Milito, Higuain and potentially Ronaldo and Robinho as forwards, but I also have Gerrard and VDV who can play in Kaka's position. I don't think Kaka will go down, but I think Torres will go up and so in the long run I reckon it's a fair deal. So what do you think: Does Torres = Kaka?
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