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  1. I quite like the fact players values are now decided on both rating and potential however 24m for someone with an 87 rating seems excessive regardless of what their valuation would be in the real world (martial and tielemans).
  2. Thought I would start a new thread to discuss the changes to player valuations and game economy since the recent update as I was told off for doing so in another thread
  3. Should we create a new thread for discussing what this thread should be used for rather than cluttering up this thread with a debate on what the thread is for TerryTibs is right though, I hadn't seen Steve's post. Would be clearer if the thread was titled more appropriately and I thought bug tickets were for reporting bugs
  4. there's a whole thread about this in the soccer manager worlds section
  5. Your posting under the single player forum mate
  6. Dybala is Tier 2. 88. 16m Martial is Tier 1. 87. 25m. Basically Martial is ranked a better prospect. That's the logic, whether you agree with those valuations or not is a different thing.
  7. Anyone got any ideas if any of the following are due a rise Inaki Williams Zakaria Bakkali Aaron leya Iseka Joao Pedro (palmeiras) Thiago maia Levin oztunali Marc Stendera Nadiem Amiri Eric Bailly Anwar el Ghazi Jesus Vallejo leiva Nahuel Sandro Ramirez Dimitri Oberlin Benjamin Tetteh Steven Bergwijn Sebastien Haller
  8. 3 Tiers for 89 3 for 88 3 for 87 4 for 86 5 for 85 3 for 84 4 for 83 6 for 82 3 for 81 5 for 80
  9. It could be just that there's far more 82 rated players u21 (6 pages) than there is 87 (1 page). Could be there is other tiers for 87 theres just nobody in them right now. I don't know Maybe worth looking at some other different ratings
  10. Nope, do a player search for players aged max 21 and set the rating to 82, let me know what you find.
  11. just had a look myself at players rated 82, I get it now although it looks like there's an extra 3 tiers for players under 22 Tier 1. 8m Tier 2. 6m Tier 3. 4m Tier 4. 2.8m Tier 5. 2.4m Tier 6. 2.0m All players under 22 with 82 rating
  12. Is there somewhere I can view how this tier system works in more detail
  13. youri Tielemans age 18 rating 87 value 24m Divock Origi age 20 rating 87 value 8m How can just a 2 year difference in age have such an affect on transfer value Tielemans value is 3 times that of a player with the same rating, seems excessive in this instance.
  14. Just been looking at my teams for the first time properly since the update (thank god the old interface is back) and I have some concerns about the new finances. It seems that all my established clubs are now losing money with the possible exception of Marseille. This I believe has something to do with stadium capacity Here are some of my teams there stadium capacity and a few other statistics that people may find informative. *Total squad wage is taken from the squad screen and includes reserves and loan players (loan players wage 50% has been taken into account) *Weekly wage is taken from the finance screen week ending 2/12 GC 155 S10 Stockport County. Cap 30.381 Total Squad Wage 1.0m Weekly wage 1.8m Players 56 GC 98 S14 AS Nancy 25.279 1.8m 3.0m 53 GC 163 S09 Benevento 25.000 1.3m 2.4m 56 GC 239 S08 Marseille 67.000 2.65m 1.4m? 59 wage on finance screen week ending 25/11 was 2.8m All these sides are established top division sides with around 50-60 players with around half being loaned out. For example my Stockport side has 28 players loaned out with a total average rating of 76. It is not unusual for top division sides to have squads in excess of 50 players, I recently took charge of Athletic Club in GC 468. Now Athletic are not what I would call a massive club although they do have a large stadium capacity (53.332). Their squad size at the beginning of the game was 55. . As it stands the club seems to be in profit although the first team only has a total average rating of 84 and like I said earlier they have a very large stadium. Now take a team like Juventus, at the start of a new Game World they have a total squad of around 70 players with a lot of top players on very high wages. There Stadium capacity is over 10.000 less than Athletic Club. Juventus Stadium, capacity 41.588, its actually only the 6th biggest stadium in Italy, now with these new changes to finances does it mean that clubs like Juve and Chelsea (another club with high wages big squad and not the biggest stadium) will be losing money from the very start of the game. If I'm going to have to sell half my squad to cover costs, squads I've spent years putting together not to mention the many hours spent researching young players,Mauro Icardi signed years ago for under 500k is just one of many examples then the games done for me. That and if SM insist on forcing us to use the terrible new interface. Got around 20 days of gold left, will use my existing credits to top up for another month and see what happens. If anyone reading could shed some light on this, maybe provide me with some more information and examples please post below
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