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  1. It would be nice if someone more experienced than me can help me with formation for my team. I made an affort to make my team YOUNG and SKILLED in this same time. Avarage age of ALL my players is 23years, and awarage rating is 92. But it is very suprising that i cant find good formation for my team - every match is a pain, even with smaller teams. So i will appreciate any suggestions My team:
  2. Re: Big teams In some aspect - you have right. But you forget about one element. Fans. Big teams have a lot of fans. How do you think, how many fans have Manchester United ( witch is famous al over the world ) and Crystal Palace ( which have fans...yyy im sure not in Europe So probably only in England, and even not whole England ) When someone register here on soccermanager, how do you think, what he want to do? Manage his favourite team. And i think everyone was starting like this. Later, when some long playing managers are bored, they choose the smaller teams. At least, its my opinion only
  3. Re: When new worlds are created ? Thanks for so quick response I will give it a try, and see if im lucky enaugh. The first time i found this great site, i just click on one of the Spanish Championship and select Real Madrid...Now i know it was "newbie lucky" Its hard to get any top team here - but its good, means that a lot of people play here. EDIT: still no luck
  4. I couldnt find it in this forum, search options doesn`t work so im asking here.. Does anybody know when new worlds are created ? Its just impossible to manage your favourite team if it is lets say Arsenal - its always booked before me. Its because guys know when the new world is created and i dont Anybody can help?
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