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  1. Re: Training

    Ruben Neves is indeed very strange because of his age.

    The main problem is that i don't understand what's the diference of traning «Defense» or «Tecnique», or "Aptitude.

    Set pieces, fitness, and defender (GK'a) is rather obvious, but the rest, to me, is not.

    i will bring more coaches and reduce the number of players...

    Later i'll say if it worked.

    Thanks for the reply!

  2. hi.

    Does anyone understand the training?

    the ratings of my players are always decreasing (except the really young ones):

    João REAL D© 81 (0) (0) Controlo(-1) Desarme(-1) (0) (0)

    Ricardo NASCIMENTO D(EC) 79 (0) (0) Criatividade(-1) Desarme(-1) Grande Penalidade(-1) Livres(-1) (0) (0) (0) (0) (0) Capacidade aérea(-1) Força(-1)

    how can i change this?? what kind of training do i need?


  3. Re: Bundesliga Ratings 2012/2013

    Phenomenal is a bit exaggerative' date=' isn't it?

    Czech Republic reached the quarter final and lost there against Portugal. That's good, but nothing more.

    Then out of the group games one disastrous game against Russia and 2 low victories against Greece and Poland, where Jiracek after all scored twice.

    To sum it up (without remembering every game exactly):

    2 good games out of 4 played at the Euros.

    Of course SM might be generous and give him a rise to 87. However I personally think that it certainly will depend on how he will do now in the Bundesliga and if he won't do too bad, the Euro performances might tip the scales for a rise.[/quote']

    well i'm portuguese, and what i remember is jiracek as the leader and best player of his team.

    you´re probably right. the performance in the national teams don't seem to be very important in here.


  4. Re: Upcoming Talents (85-90)

    Completely agree.

    But hey' date=' after being transferred into Barca at the beginning of the season doesn't that mean he instantly gets an increase into the high 80's/90's... :rolleyes:[/quote']

    you're joking, but it's a good lead to how the players are rated. And the truth is that barcelona do not have bad players in their squad..

  5. Re: Upcoming Talents (85-90)

    There are a few hot prospects who i might be able to buy at unmanaged clubs' date=' however i have limited funds to spends and soe at same club so cant get them all. Most of them wont make my team (positions not as important)or reserves but looking for players most likely to rise soon and then in the longer term too.

    Lennon - W - 89 - 22 -9.6

    Marin - W/f - 89 - 20 - 14.3

    keirrison - F - 87 - 21 - 5.8

    Pjanic - Am/w - 88 - 19 - 11.2

    Castro - Rb/dm - 90 - 22 - 15.5

    Sakho - Cb/lb - 88 - 19 - 10.3

    Kroos - Am/w - 85 - 19 - 6.1

    Carioca - Cm/dm - 87 - 20 - 8.4 (EXTERNAL)

    Arnautovic - F - 85 - 20 - 6.1 (EXTERNAL)

    Paulo Henrique - Am/w - 85 - 20 - 6.6 (EXTERNAL)

    Cheers in advance. Rep where necessary.[/quote']

    Keirrison is not playing at Benfica. And the few games he made, he played very poorly.

  6. Re: Players: Should I buy, sell or keep?

    I bought them both for cheap' date=' sold Tomic after rise, because it was good money, but kept Koch - he's very young (18) and has rating of 83 so I'm keeping him as backup/youth, also he's playing almost every game full minutes for FC Zurich, so.. I don't know if he's a great talent but he may be rising slowly (?).[/quote']

    yep, i bought them as risers too. the only thing i know is that koch played 450 minutes in the champions league (with zurich), but i don´t know if he is playing in the swiss national team, etc... if he s a good prospect.. :confused:

    nemanja tomic i really don´t know. but he is playing almost all the games with partizan. It´s a team with a history of good youngsters..

    well, the most probable thing is that i will sell them all. :)

    thanks for your view.

    PS: I'm sorry about my poor english

  7. Re: Players: Should I buy, sell or keep?

    i need an opinion about:

    Nemanja TOMIC


    Eden HAZARD

    John FLECK

    danijel ALEKSIC

    Romelo LUKAKU

    domingos WILLIANS

    Michael BRADLEY

    Philippe KOCH


    Zlatko JUNUZOVIC

    Spas DELEV

    Fabien LEMOINE

    Charles N'ZOGBIA



    Andreas BECK

    Marcel SHAFER


    Sergio ROMERO

    If you had this players, who would you sell or keep?

    Thanks in advance! :)

  8. Re: Francisco Javi Garcia

    One of the poorest players I have ever seen wear the Los Blancos Jersey. A disgrace really' date=' and his attitude doesn't help. Get rid of this clown.[/quote']

    lol, seriously, thank you for Javi and Saviola, they are very usefull. Do you (RM) want to give us any other player? :)

  9. Re: Spanish Ratings

    GK Sergio Asenjo was benched tonight' date=' not sure if it was due to a knock after the mid week game, new manager taking over or something else?

    Worth keeping an eye on.

    Poor old Atletico conceded right at the end of the game tonight.


    I know Quique Flores (ex-manager of Benfica). Get ready to see Atletico in the 2nd league. Worst coach would be difficult.

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