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  1. Re: 99-Rated Players - A Journey Through Time Wonder what Paul Gascoingne's rating would have been? Carlos Alberto? Peter Shilton?
  2. Re: Stadium Building My stadium increased by a third (small team) in the second season. That would have been great if my crowd hadn't dropped by 80% Renaming it 'Ghost Town'.
  3. Re: Can I Have A List Of 77-80 Risers, Rising To About 85 Please? :] Bolat 84 min, no question. Anything less=travesty.
  4. Re: No bids coming in for players on transfer list? I'm having the same problems, so reading this thread was interesting. SM, please speed the rate up a little, thx.
  5. Re: Unmanaged Teams Mmm, and using that guide, i played 4-2-2-2 quite sucessfully against unmanaged teams.(like 90% win rate). However, this season it doesn't work.I have no idea why. 3 games using 4-2-2-2 vs 4-4-2 unmanaged....lost every time.
  6. Re: Prikee's Bulgarian Risers!!! Might have something to do with him only playing 44 mins of football this season?
  7. Re: Port Vale – From the bottom of the Football Pyramid to the Top of the World!!! Loving the reports.. Can i just ask though, when you list your team, why does it say 'Bury line-up'?
  8. Re: Port Vale – From the bottom of the Football Pyramid to the Top of the World!!! Good luck with that. I like these sort of reports, keep it updated..
  9. Re: International management for all free members! I still believe people if people want extra features, such as International management, you gotta pay.To be fair, it's not really much to ask. Personally, after the fun ive had with it, i'd pay for the free version. Oh, and i want post 34 as a sig. Man, how i lmfao.. Clarkey is my hero.
  10. Re: International management for all free members! Buying a GM is hardly breaking the bank, is it? If your moan became reality, how many people would ask for their money back? Like i said before, your argument holds no water (and repeating yourself constantly doesn't make your point any stronger). GM's may effectively be paying for the freebies (just like in real life with taxes). I suggest you buy a GM, and support this fantastic game.
  11. Re: Vito MANNONE Agreed, i'm looking for +8 atm, with the possibility of more should Wenger keep faith with him. (C'mon Arsene, he needs games, play him!!
  12. Re: International management for all free members! Sorry, don't agree. International management was THE reason i, and a few others, took out GM. Look, it's a FREE game. Moaning about how you don't feel you get enough for NOTHING doesn't really give you a leg to stand on. Just my tuppence worth.
  13. Re: Help offloading some players I have Makeev and Martinez down for another +2/3 rise . Wouldn't sell them just yet.
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