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  1. Re: Unmanaged Teams

    Mmm, and using that guide, i played 4-2-2-2 quite sucessfully against unmanaged teams.(like 90% win rate).

    However, this season it doesn't work.I have no idea why.

    3 games using 4-2-2-2 vs 4-4-2 unmanaged....lost every time.

  2. Re: International management for all free members!

    Buying a GM is hardly breaking the bank, is it?

    If your moan became reality, how many people would ask for their money back?

    Like i said before, your argument holds no water (and repeating yourself constantly doesn't make your point any stronger).

    GM's may effectively be paying for the freebies (just like in real life with taxes).

    I suggest you buy a GM, and support this fantastic game.

  3. Re: Help offloading some players

    they would probably rise again but it would be at least 3mths before it happens unless they move to other leagues. I would suggest that they be sold to get risers.

    for instance u could get

    1)Konstantin Rausch 19yo 82 should rise to 85

    2)Timo Gebhart 20yo 84 should rise to 86

    3)Christian Trasch 22yo 83 should rise to 85

    By trading your current risers away' date=' u can earn more money in the long run, then u could sell them away after 10wks and get back those that u sold away who will rise.[/quote']

    Maybe, but consider wages.

    Martinez and Makeev (assuming they were bought before their last rise) will be on about 3500 each.

    The players above are on a lot more.

    So i guess the decision comes down to your financial situation.

  4. Re: International Management

    I fancy a chance of international management, but don't play in a GC.

    However, i have read that this feature may be expanded to all game worlds?(But still only available to Gold members, fair enough).

    So, can someone tell me if this is the case?

    If so, i think it's worth becoming a gold member just for that.

    Edit:So i was correct.Time for my Gold i think...

  5. Re: Polish Risers.

    I've added a few more risers to the list' date=' in anticipation for the Polish review. It'll probably be next week at the earliest, judging from SM's track record of rating countries.[/quote']

    I'd edit it slightly, Tomasik ain't going up to 786..:)

  6. Looks like section 2 is finished....

    Is anybody else a little disappointed by these ratings?

    (Maybe i overated my players a little).

    Does it seem as though SM downgraded the section 2 leagues slightly?

    (That's my perception).

    What happened to Struna and Kramaric being rated?

    (Kramaric i can understand being Mr.Substitute, but Struna????)

    Comments welcome.

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