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  1. Re: How did I lost? Check in Match Commentary (tab beside the statistics tab). It explains how each goal was scored. When a goal is scored, it gets tallied up on the scoreline. If the opposition scores more goals than you, you lose the particular game, assuming it isn't a two-legged affair, in which case a loss could potentially be a contributing factor to an aggregate winning scoreline.
  2. I honestly didn't think I was that good (or bad). The opposing manager left the club after this game. It ended 4-0. Is this a glitch or typo from SM?
  3. Re: Your Worst SM Decision I was Birmingham and bought (i think) 88/89 rated Higuain Season 2 15 Sep 07 From: Real Madrid To:Birmingham City £8.0M Season 3 26 Apr 08 From: Birmingham City To: Newcastle United £13.8M + Pedro BOTELHO & Håvard NORDTVEIT In my defence, I knew he was a talent but he played awfully for me - 5.50 over 20 games.
  4. Re: my lyon team Any criticism of this post is, at least, partially justified.
  5. Re: Haruna Funnily enough, as soon as he rose, there have been a few articles around the net about him. I've always rated him and I think he could make it to the CL in a few years. He's on IMScouting's Player on Fire and FIFA's young talent pages... they seem really excited about him. He was one of those players people scouted because of his FM potential and he's starting to realise it now. I think he'll get games at the WC because Mikel is out.
  6. Re: Benzema, flop or future hit ? I like City. I don't think they deserve all that cash but I've always liked them. Anyway, as you can attest to, being a Man United fan, money injections from rich investors don't always work out as well as you would hope. The one thing I can say for Arsenal - the team I support - is that Stan Kroenke has been part of the club for a while now... hope the takeover goes to him and he handles the club correctly.
  7. Re: Ryan Shawcross!...will he rise,is he a great CB for the future?
  8. Re: 15 year old on Soccer Manager Really hard reading long streams of words without punctuation...I think there was a full-stop somewhere. I blame Google for directing here.
  9. Re: Adam Johnson or Muniain?? Yeah, good point. I was just trying to even out the playing field. Adam Johnson has impressed hugely for England U21's and Muniain has impressed against some decent teams in La Liga + he is younger and is a lot more than a potentially world class winger. I think that Johnson has the confidence to take on the best right-backs now he's playing at such a big club, regularly. I think that Iker could be even better but there is no doubting that Johnson is better than Muniain a the moment.
  10. Re: Adam Johnson or Muniain?? Another thing - Muniain might be playing in Champions League next season too. Bilbao are doing pretty well.
  11. Re: Martin Angha - Swiss Gunner! He's a promising individual from our many [>>Young Guns<<].
  12. Re: Jack WILSHERE or Iker Munian I rate them the same but Muniain has proven himself against bigger and better teams.
  13. Re: eto'o I'd keep Eto'o. It's great to have a player like that just for the stability and confidence it gives you as a manager. It's a right hassle juggling these risers and distracts me from the real grit of the actual matches. I have tons of young risers like Pato, Aguero, Fabregas, Nasri, Pique, Sissoko etc... I had to buy risers because the original team was full of droppers. My plan is to breed the players until they are into their peak. No way am I going to sell a player in his prime, proven performer, champion until I was sure his career was on the decline. It's about keeping the players you have faith in for me. Even if he drops/ is going to drop, you can sell him to a bad team for a premium rate and buy risers with that.
  14. Re: Should i sell kaka ? I'd only sell him for that if I was in £49 million debt.
  15. Re: Victor Moses I remember him at the U-17 Euro's, where he was immense, albeit in a team where the standout players were Lansbury, Spence and Ofori-Twomasi, and bought him way back then. I thought his career had petered out and he was destined to languish in the Championship forever. I think that, with him being 19 and moving to a good footballing side, he now has the chance to develop and blossom into a great player. I think he is definitely in for a rise because he'll get playing time and, as long as he slightly imposes himself, he'll be considered to have proven himself at a higher league.
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