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    My names Pierre Simitas and I love soccer :) haha
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    Soccer, Basketball, Tennis and music
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    Panathinakos or Greek national team
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    George Best, Giorgos Samaras and Kostas Katsouranis

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  1. Re: Cristiano Ronaldo 98>96 the ONLY way messi can go to a 99 is if argentina get at least to the finals at the world cup
  2. Milan have made a counter offer to VfB Stuttgart for Alessandro NESTA of £0 plus Edin DZEKO and Marko MARIN whos getting the better deal? nesta 94 and old? is he going up or down? dzeko young whats his rating look like? marin??
  3. Juventus have made an offer to Zenit for Pavel POGREBNYAK of £0 plus Alessandro DEL PIERO??? I am zenit what should i do?
  4. Re: Cazorla thanks guys i kept seedorf....the other managers mad oh well
  5. Milan have made an offer to Internazionale for Santi CAZORLA of £15,000,000 plus Clarence SEEDORF i am milan and it was accepted
  6. Re: Right now i'm listening to... GLEE soundtrack lol im a gleek YOU GOT A PROBLEM WITH THAT??
  7. Manchester United have made a counter offer to Milan for Wayne ROONEY of £1,100,000 plus Serdar TASCI and Didier DROGBA I am milan any help?
  8. Re: Wesley SNEIJDER?!?!?! so being milan i should go threw with it haha
  9. Milan have made a new offer to Real Madrid for Wesley SNEIJDER of £15,000,000 plus Marek JANKULOVSKI and Mahamadou DIARRA it was accepted I am milan what do you guys think?
  10. Re: Messi!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! please not put downs
  11. Re: Messi!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! no....lol ronaldo is much better ALL AROUND messi is better at passing and controling the ball other then thos two things ronaldos top
  12. ok...now im not a fan of messi and i just offerd this deal for fun but.....Milan have made an offer to Real Madrid for Lionel MESSI of £15,000,000 plus Alexandre PATO and Assis Moreira RONALDINHO i go to bed.wake up to see...The offer for Lionel MESSI of Real Madrid from Milan has been accepted. The transfer will be completed shortly HELP should i go threw with it??
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