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  1. Any chance we can push back half an hour or hour? I have a house viewing at 6
  2. I'm not sure anything is sorted either way. Don't see a reason why you can't join (unless we currently have an even number).
  3. Nice to see Fonte reviewed correctly. I was worried because of his age + club that he would get a incorrect +1.
  4. Won my last two games. Inevitable losing streak is coming up.
  5. Can someone tell me why you're paying £32.5m for Benteke? he's the complete opposite of what Liverpool play to and get from their strikers. It's like Carroll all over again.
  6. How on earth is Halilovic at the same rating as Velazquez. Halilovic has never played a first team game in a tier 1 league. Velazquez started 27 games in La Liga last season. SMH
  7. And quite frankly i'm relieved that we haven't spent £25m on him. He's a good player but that price is extortionate.
  8. You can sign as many defensive midfielders as you like, there's only so much covering of Rojo, Jones, Smalling, McNair and Blackett you can do.
  9. Aug 16th is far too early...! Pre season doesn't finish until September 4th
  10. I keep getting outbid at Queen of the South! Had my first riser with Bailly this morning.
  11. The Saints and Vikings from the NFC, Bills from the AFC.
  12. You're a bit keen mate! Normally mid-late August.
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