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  1. Re: What am i doing wrong ? OKi another tactical question but now with Chelsea team, im using 4-3-1-2 but i keep loosing. This is my formation and my tactics : Gk P.CECH 94 J.BOSINGWA RB 93 - CARVALHO CB 94 - J.TERRY CB 95 - A.COLE LB 93 D.DE ROSSI CM/DM 94 - M.ESSIEN CM/DM 95 - F.LAMPARD CM/AM 95 F.RIBERY Wing/AM 95 F.KANOUTE CF 94 - D.DROGBA CF 95 Tactics: Tackling Style: Hard Mentality : Attacking Passing : Direct Attacking Style: mixed Tempo: fast Pressing: All over Play Style : Counter-Attack Play Offside Trap Use Play Maker Use Target Man Its a very good team and a good formation but it looks like im getting the tactics wrong cuz i have 3 looses in my first 4 matches. Anyone has any suggestions ?
  2. Re: What am i doing wrong ? Thats what i was thinking, use a 4-2-3-1 so i can use the potential of Kaka as AM and Ronaldo as a winger, also use Benzema as a winger also. The DM positions will be well covered with Alonso and Diarra. Hope the SM engine gets my logic
  3. Re: What am i doing wrong ? Oki ill try ur changes and ill apply a 4-2-3-1 formation this time. or anyone has other suggestions ?
  4. Re: What am i doing wrong ? So i dominated a bit the total shots but i lost possesion and lost the game, any solution ?
  5. OKi i have 3 teams and i keep loosing with all of them im playing with Real madrid, Chelsea and Inter. This is the team and tactics im using for Real Madrid , 4-1-3-2: I.CASILLAS G.SERGIO RAMOS R.ALBIOL F.PEPE G.ZAMBROTTA O.XABI ALONSO DM/CM C.RONALDO Wing/Fwd 98 - R.KAKA AM 97 - K.BENZEMA Fwd/Wing 93 G.RAUL Fwd/AM 95 - R.VAN NISTELROOY CF 95 Tactics Tackling Style: Hard Mentality: Attacking Passing Style: Direct Attacking Style: Mixed Tempo: Fast Pressing: All Over Play Style Counter-Attack Play Offside Trap Use Play Maker Use Target Man and this is the result i got from the game: Real Madrid 0 - 2 Shakhtar Possession 46% 54% Total Shots 13 8 Shots On Target 5 8 So what am i doing wrong in here ???
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