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  1. Hello, does anybody know how to disconnect my Facebook account and my Soccer Manager account?

    I'm just a bit miffed off at the fact, whenever i sign out of Soccer Manager, it logs me out of Facebook. :confused:

    Any info would help, Thanks!

  2. 1228128725.nilsbispny.jpg

    Niels Bisp, The Danish U-17 Defender.

    D.O.B: 09/09/1993

    Age: 16

    Club: Vejle Boldklub

    Position: Central Defender

    Height: 182cm (5ft 11 1/2")

    Squad Number: 27

    In 2008, Niels was on trial with clubs including Liverpool, OSC Lille, Aston Villa and Newcastle United.

    Niels has 2 caps with the Denmark U-16s and 1 with the U-17s.

    He's only made one appearance for Velje so i'm not too sure when he'll be added or what rating he'll be added at but is certainly one for the future.


  3. 340x.jpg

    Gladson Awako, Ghana's U-20 Playmaker/Wingback (Not so much wingback anymore.)

    Currently Not On Database.

    D.O.B: 31/12/1990

    Age: 18

    Club: Heart Of Lions

    Position: Can play pretty much anywhere in midfield and is a former wingback.

    Height: 165cm (5ft 5")

    Squad number: 3

    Gladson was on trial with Tottenham Hotspur last April and has recently been linked with clubs such as Inter Milan, A.C. Chievo and Tottenham Hotspur.

    He has 7 Caps with the Ghana U-20's and 1 Cap with the national team from when they played Argentina on the 1st of October.

    Between 2006-2008 He played 60 games for All Stars F.C scoring 7 goals

    In 2008 Gladson had a loan spell at Real Sportive, making 17 appearances

    2008- He's played 10 games for Heart Of Lions.

    He recently stated how he would love to play in England.

    "There are many teams after me, but my first choice would always be England,"

    "It's the league I prefer because my game is suited to that style of play and I speak English as well.

    It's true Tottenham have watched me and hopefully I've impressed them. If they make an offer and it's accepted I'd be happy.

    "They are a very good team and I love the way they play."

    Hard to predict what he'll be added at, considering Gladson's team mates arn't on the Database

    First scout (go easy?)B)


    Just sent in Ticket for him to be added.

  4. Re: What to expect from the upcoming Brazilian changes/additions?

    Hey, Fantastic thread!

    Great information about the risers, but it leaves me with one big question (and a slightly smaller one.)

    Which of these rising brazillian stars are going to make it big? Who will be the next Kaka? The next (Slightly skinnier) Ronaldo? The next Lucio? And most importantly, The next Shola Ameobi?

    Onto the slightly smaller question, is Josef Souza any good?/will he rise/fall? If so, what by? (ok they were a few small questions towards the end, but i'm new so i should get away with it.):)

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