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  1. Hi guys, a lot of my team are Serie A I can see the chances of D’Ambrosio, Kessie and Freuler going are up good. Id imagine Matuidi, Callejon and Perisic will stay where they are. But I’m worried about Dzeko and Manolas dropping. Is there any chance of this at all?
  2. I have a lot of Italian League players, what are the chances of some of these dropping or rising? D’Ambrosio 89 manolas 92 matuidi 92 kessie 89 freuler 89 callejon 91 perisic 92 dzeko 92 thanks in advance
  3. Does Freuler at Atlanta have a chance of a 90?
  4. Hi Whats the likelihood of Bernat going to 90 and Bamba going to 89? Thanks in advance
  5. hi m8,wat is te besr tactics against 4231

  6. Strakosha of Lazio. Says +2 to 89. Is that genuine or is it likely to be 88?
  7. Which Valencia forward is better to buy? Rodrigo or Zaza? Says both will get a rise to 91 but don't know who has a better chance as haven't watched any Spanish football this year. Thanks in advance.
  8. Forgot to mention I use zobnin as a winger!
  9. Last one from me... Zobnin. Keep or replace? If replace then who? I have 8 mil
  10. Cheers thanks Any right backs rising of similar rating? I can't get Conti or Semedo as theyre already taken.
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