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Found 49 results

  1. Hello there, fellow managers all around the world. For this project I really need your help in order to make this topic one of the best over the forum. In order to be a good manager, any of us need to search some WONDERKIDS. This kind of players are young, have lots of potential and most important they really have a decisive role in their team. Some simple rules are essential in our collaboration, so in order to share some hot prospect with us, the most important rules are #1 The player must be 18 or younger ( under 18 means that he is currently 18 or less). #2 The recommended player must really play some minutes on the field ( you can share some statistics, if you have access to them) #3 Some impressions about the wonderkid are important, some rumors about transfers or even some interesting news about the player.
  2. Im from Argentina, the ID is 403213.. 12 days left
  3. Looking for committed managers for the new Cypriot Championship 401529 - would like to make this a very competitive one. Cypriot managers preferred, anyone who speaks Greek or English is good. Αναζητώντας δεσμευμένους διευθυντές για το νέο Κυπριακό Πρωτάθλημα 401529 - θα ήθελα να το καταστήσω πολύ ανταγωνιστικό. Οι κυπριακοί διευθυντές προτιμούσαν, όποιος μιλά ελληνικά ή αγγλικά είναι καλός. Myself, I only speak English at this time however my grandmother is Cypriot and I hope to learn to communicate fluently soon.
  4. Step inside of football's... Parallel Universe Have you ever wondered how football COULD have been different? The clubs in the Parallel Universe are all located in UEFA countries. Throughout history, all of the clubs selected were incredibly strong domestically - and in many cases, at European level as well. Your mission is to create an immensely powerful team, that could challenge in the modern era of football. With an empty squad and £100m at your disposal, will you have what it takes? The worlds format is simple: 2 Divisions 8 Clubs per Division 2 Promotions/Relegations Empty Squads £100m budget Normal Economy If you are interested in joining, please comment on this post. Share with friends you feel may be interested. The game world will commence once interest has peaked. Let's enjoy a truly fun Game World. *Clubs in Bold are taken* Division 1 Crvena Zvezda - Joe HTO CSKA Sofia Dinamo Zagreb FCSB - Aaron Harper FK Partizan IFK Goteborg - Whitehawk Maccabi Haifa Malmo FF Division 2 Dinamo Tbilisi Ferencvarosi TC Ruch Chorzow Servette FC Silkeborg Slovan Bratislava Ujpest FC Videoton
  5. New game world, several clubs available, you will be welcome no matter the rank, you just want to direct ID 396695
  6. 2 new game worlds to join 396601 English League 396602 Spanish League
  7. Now we can find retired football legends typing numbers into the search bar Example: Some listed players: 2756 VICTOR VALDES 2761 PUYOL 2770 DECO 2774 RONALDINHO 2777 SAVIOLA 027 HENRY 025 BERGKAMP 023 PIRÈS 001 JENS LEHMANN 0475 CRESPO 0476 GUDJOHNSEN 0463 MAKELELE 0467 LAMPARD 1004 GERRARD 1008 KEWELL 1012 MORIENTES 0998 XABI ALONSO 1108 VAN DER SAR 1112 FERDINAND 1123 ROY KEANE 1128 SCHOLES 1130 GIGGS 1134 SOLSKJAER 1137 VAN NISTELROOY 2999 KLUIVERT 2991 AIMAR 2975 AYALA 2972 CAÑIZARES 2969 DARIO SILVA 2968 LUIS FABIANO 4426 RIVALDO 2456 DIDA 2459 COSTACURTA 2460 NESTA 2465 MALDINI 2467 CAFU 2468 GATTUSO 2469 RUI COSTA 2470 SEEDORF 2474 KAKA 2475 PIRLO 2476 SHEVCHENKO 2477 GILARDINO 2478 VIERI 2479 INZAGHI 2333 TOLDO 2337 SAMUEL 2339 MATERAZZI 2345 ZANETTI 2348 DAVIDS 2349 SOLARI 2351 VERON 2352 CAMBIASSO 2358 ADRIANO 2361 RECOBA 2365 CANNAVARO 2369 THURAM 2372 ZAMBROTTA 2376 NEDVED 2378 VIEIRA 2381 EMERSON 2382 DEL PIERO 2387 TREZEGUET 2568 PANUCCI 2580 TOTTI 2582 CASSANO 4551 KAHN 4558 SAGNOL 4559 LIZARAZU 4565 BALLACK 4569 MAKAAY 2907 ROBERTO CARLOS 2911 GRAVESEN 2912 BECKHAM 2916 ZIDANE 2917 GUTI 2918 FIGO 2919 RAUL 2920 RONALDO 2922 OWEN How to find more players: 1. Google "(Your player) Soccerwiki" 2. If that player appears in the game you'll get a link to his Soccerwiki's profile. 3. Check the link and copy the "pid" number (player ID). -Example: ...player.php?pid=2916 4. Typing that number in your SM Gameworld search bar you'll find your player. -Some players appear twice on SW database, as manager and ex players. In that case you need to get the player ID, not the manager one (difference pid -player- or mid -manager- number in the link)
  8. I created an English championship, I hope you the ID is 394795
  9. New prize league id 38776 join US, teams with 400 million to spend at least.top players to hire. Join the most competitivo league
  10. Martin AGUIRREGABIRIA is rated only 70 yet he is playing in main La Liga for Deportivo Alaves since the beginning of the season. Easily an 83-85 rated at worst. This can be seen here: https://uk.soccerway.com/players/martin-aguirregabiria-padilla/472270/ As you can see 1350 minutes is quiet a lot in one of the toughest leagues in the world. So a 70 rated is definitely wrong and he is the ONLY player to be missed of any of the 4 main Countries.
  11. Hi Everyone, There is a New Custom Game World that has all the teams in the World. It is a big challenge also because 2 managers can get sacked if in the bottom 2. Are you good enough to be the best? Then please join INTERNATIONAL CLUB CHAMPIONSHIP (ICC) 383192 It will be full eventually so please do not miss out. Thanks for reading, Kaila.
  12. *GAME WORLD 380010* Brand new game world open now! Come join plenty of clubs free!
  13. *NEW GAME WORLD OPEN* Come join!
  14. Hello Soccer Manager Enthusiasts... ... I need managers to join my fun, unique, English game-world Would love if you could join me and spread the word! It's a great game-world to be apart of... 380202 is the gameworld ID
  15. *GAME WORLD 380010* Brand new game world open now! Come join plenty of clubs free!
  16. *GAME WORLD 380010* Brand new game world open now! Come join plenty of clubs free!
  17. *GAME WORLD 380010* Brand new game world open now! Come join plenty of clubs free!
  18. *GAME WORLD 380010* Brand new game world open now! Come join plenty of clubs free!
  19. Hey guys and girls. First of all i wanna share that this idea has been brought up by 3 other managers and myself in 2015 and i am pretty sure it's still somewhere on the forum, however i am not sure if the old thread (Now this is what i call a soccer challenge) still is usuable hence i am creating a new one. Ben C (famous for the current Financial Fairplay gw) (I am not sure if he is still active in the game) is the one that helped me working out the first concept in 2015. After that i changed a lot around to make it even more challenging. The new concept was again sent to the 3 managers and Elohim (same as with Ben C..i am not sure if he is still active in the game) helped me to even further evolve this concept in 2015. Now for the fun (and long) part....about the gw itself!!! The gameworld we were thinking about will have 3 divisions with a minimum amount of 21 youth players at the age of 21 or younger. There is a maximum to the players you can have in your squad which is a total of 36 players, that is including your youth players. So basically you have to buy 15 players at most next to the above mentioned 21 youth players. There would also be a youth division and youth cup which we will play by organising friendly matches and i (onomanunn) will keep the scores and rankings up to date in the forum. In the youth division matches only players at the age of 21 or younger are allowed to play. In the youth cup the same rules will apply but with as extra rule that 3 players of 22 and above are allowed to play in the team and on the bench. When a team gets demoted (3 teams per season and per division) a penalty is given to the demoted teams by way of having to sell players above a certain rating and with that the teams that get demoted need to buy lower level players to fill their team again. When we are thinking of the 3 divisions we are thinking about a rating cap of 87 for Divison 3 and a rating cap of 89 for Division 2. Division 1 has no caps at all when it comes to ratings. For example when a team from Division 1 gets demoted the manager must sell all the players with a rating of 90 and above. Another example is when a team gets demoted from Division 2 to Division 3 the manager of the demoted team must sell all players with a rating above 87. When a team gets demoted they must sell their players above the respective caps for the divisions, by offering the players in the forum by adding a post to the forum thread that will be made for this gw. Every human manager is allowed to make a bid on the players as long as they comply to the rating rules of the division that human manager plays in, with the exception of when a manager achieves certain goals, more on that later. If no team is interested in the players offered, then after 2 days the selling team has to sell their players to an external or unmanaged team before the new season starts. If the team has failed to sell the players above the rating cap for the division they will play in when the new season starts, the respective players that have too high of a rating for that division will not be allowed to play at all!!! And on top of that when the players are not sold they still do count to the maximum squad of 36. So selling will be very important when you get demoted. Of course there is also a bonus system for the teams that won't get demoted and/or achieve certain goals in a season. The goals are: Win the division Prize: Buy one player of any human manager without getting rejected. Win the cup Prize: Buy one player with a rating of maximum 89 of any human manager without getting rejected Winning the youth division Prize: Buy one youth player (age must be under 21) of any human manager without getting rejected. Winning the youth cup Prize: Buy one youth player (age must be under 21) with a rating of max. 87 of any human manager without getting rejected. Best attack (most goals scored) of the season Prize: Buy one attacker of any lower division team with a maximum of the rating cap, the winner in division 3 is allowed to buy one attacker from any division 3 team of course without getting rejected. Best defence (least goals against) of the season Prize: Buy one defender of any lower division team with a maximum of the rating cap, the winner in division 3 is allowed to buy one defender from division 3 of course without getting rejected. Best average goalkeeper of the season Prize: Buy any second best goalkeeper (ratingwise) from any team in the same division you play in without getting rejected. Best average defender of the season Prize: Buy any second best defender (ratingwise) from any team in the same division you play in without getting rejected. Best average midfielder of the season Prize: Buy any second best midfielder (ratingwise) from any team in the same division you play in without getting rejected. Best average attacker of the season Prize: Buy any second best attacker (ratingwise) from any team in the same division you play in without getting rejected. Defenders are the following and have the colour orange in your squad: DL/DC/DR/DRLC Midfielders are the following ad have the colour green in your squad: DML/DMC/DMR/DMRLC/ML/MC/MR/MRLC Attackers are the following and have the colour blue in your squad: AML/AMC/AMR/AMRLC/FL/FC/FR/FRLC Teams will start with empty squads and 300 million to spend on their team. However of course there is also a rule how to spend your money in the first season. Because we wanna start with a fair gw Division 3 is allowed to spent 170 million in the first season, Divison 2 135 million in the first season and Divison 1 100 million in the first season. Mainly this rule is applied to make sure that the lucky ones that start in Division One and Two won't buy just the best team when it comes to ratings but rather buy and build a team that will be able to grow in the future. Every manager interested must show interest and apply by posting in the forum and every manager will get a club based on random lottery which will take place on a website outside of Soccer Manager. I will put a list of the available clubs on this forum thread after i have at least 10 interested managers. I know this has been a long read but i hope that you like the idea enough to join this gameworld. Any ideas or changes can be discussed of course till the gameworld starts. Thank you for all the time you took reading this! If you have interest let me know here on the forum and/or pm onomanunn. At most i will accept 30 managers so the gw won't get too big. One warning though to everyone that wants to join. I will check your history before i accept you in the gw. If i see that people quickly quit gw's i will not accept you because i don't want other managers to get stuck with teams they had no control over plus i don't want other managers that do want to play the game to feel let down because of someone leaving when they lose for example. It may seems pretty strong words but i rather play with 10 committed managers then with 30 that leave quickly. Hopefully we will hear from you soon Daniel (onomanunn in the forums and the games)
  20. New season starting in World Championship 5741 (ID: 26876). And I will sell Chiellini, Bale and Aguero to the highest bidder for the new season! Teams available include: Real Madrid - Modric, Benzema, James Rodriguez, Mascherano, Isco, Casemiro, Varane, Keylor Navas Bayern - Muller, Robben, Alcantara, Vidal, Douglas Costa Juventus - Higuain, Matuidi, Pjanic, Marchisio Ath Madrid - Diego Costa, Oblak, Juanfran, Gabi Liverpool - Firmino, Mane, Salah, Sturridge Chelsea - Courtois, Willian, Pedro, David Luiz Man Utd - Ibra, Matic, Mata, Mkhitaryan Man City - David Silva, Gundogan, Sterling, Bernado Silva, Hart
  21. Join me new European championship only 3 teams have been taken and there are 3 divisions so plenty on teams left !! get joining Game world Id : 371591
  22. Hello fellow managers!!! New English Championship open , id : 371046. Only Chelsea taken. All other teams from Division 1 to 5 open!!!
  23. New Game World Championship - Set up as private but anyone can join. Loads of decent clubs. Game World ID 369295 https://www.soccermanager.com/select-gameworld.php?action=setup&setup=369295&sgw=7
  24. Come join my brand new game world! All the best clubs in the world are available! Hurry quick! Game World ID 368383
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