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Found 19 results

  1. Hey guys! I just started a brand new league focused on scouting for the best young talents to come. The rules are: Max rating 85. Max age 23. Every team starts with no players and gets a bugdet of 80M. 3 Divisions of 20 teams each. Season begins on August 16th so there's plenty of time to build your team. You're more than welcome to join the league and I hope everyone has a good time. See you soon! ID: 424740
  2. Hello everyone! Let me introduce myself: I am Patrick Fiesole and I am going to create something truly incredible. THE NAME OF THE GW IS --------> SOUL CHAMPIONSHIP 2020 The game world I created will have the following features: - 5 DIVISIONS with 8 TEAMS each; - LOW initial budget to ensure a very difficult gaming experience; - EMPTY teams to be filled ENTIRELY at the beginning of the season; - teams with EQUAL FINANCIAL capacity, carefully chosen; - 8 x 2 = JUST 16 games per season, so it's a FLASH league! With 3 promoted and 3 relegated and 1 only world cham
  3. Game ID: 421220 Elites from the past are pit together in the modern world for another chance of glory. Will they rewrite their illustrious history, or would they recast the route of their crestfallen downfall? Join the most competitive divisions which could be altered each season based on real life scenarios. Difficult situations such as financial limitations, restricted transfers or a even complete lock down might occur to the ever-changing seasons. This fast-paced competition poses an intriguing challenge to the most accomplished managers, while allowing creative masters to b
  4. Hi I've being for a while to join a league that isn't over run duplicate managers and is a challenge Custom or gold championship leagues wanted. Please message me any recommendations
  5. A few guys from the forum are already in TFSL, but for those who aren't, it's a very competitive long term championship comprising of 80 teams from around the British Isles. It's a totally interactive GW. We have a very active Facebook group, regular match reports, previews, transfer news and more. There are regular video panel shows (not always serious, these include a great deal of humour and interesting features), prediction shows and other fun videos. Rather than having a waiting list, there is now TFSL2, two extra divisions which act as a kind of feeder league for the main GW,
  6. Step inside of football's... Parallel Universe Have you ever wondered how football COULD have been different? The clubs in the Parallel Universe are all located in UEFA countries. Throughout history, all of the clubs selected were incredibly strong domestically - and in many cases, at European level as well. Your mission is to create an immensely powerful team, that could challenge in the modern era of football. With an empty squad and £100m at your disposal, will you have what it takes? The worlds format is simple: 2 Divisions 8 Clubs per Division 2 P
  7. Hey guys. Here after a looong time. Do people still play forum based game??? Anyway, I am thinking about playing a game where you have to stick to the actual squad your club is having. (or with few exceptions like 3 or 4 players you can add apart from real squad.) will it be interesting??
  8. Hi Everyone, There is a New Custom Game World that has all the teams in the World. It is a big challenge also because 2 managers can get sacked if in the bottom 2. Are you good enough to be the best? Then please join INTERNATIONAL CLUB CHAMPIONSHIP (ICC) 383192 It will be full eventually so please do not miss out. Thanks for reading, Kaila.
  9. Game World ID 377668 - League of The Greatest Looking for managers to join this Game World, featuring 80 of the greatest clubs in the World. This Game World has just been created and all clubs are currently available. Please join for a competitive, fair experience and invite as many people as possible to try to fill the Game World.
  10. Join Game world ID 356133 - brand new custom game world, every club available, inactivity rule of 10 days, 3 divisions, play offs, players cannot be bought from unmanaged clubs, £250m starting fee & much more!
  11. Join Game world ID 356133 - brand new custom game world, every club available, inactivity rule of 10 days, 3 divisions, play offs, players cannot be bought from unmanaged clubs, £250m starting fee & much more!
  12. Hello guys. This game world is known as PASUM League. Clubs are mostly from Malaysia, Singapore and few delegates from Thailand, Philippines, Brunei and Indonesia. Many clubs are available. Why do we need to manage a club from Southeast Asia (ASEAN)? Aren't they bad at football? It is interesting? Well, that's why these clubs need you. You, yes you are the one who can change the fortune of ASEAN's clubs. Prove your managerial skills by guiding them through this challenging game world. Two divisions, 32 clubs to be chose. Two cups, (Cup and Shield), charity shield and the m
  13. This is where you can post your accomplished/successful squad and the formation along with tactics you used with them. This is where managers can come for tactical advice from some of the more experienced managers This is where you can help each other out by posting counter formations and tactics, best player to buy etc.
  14. Custom Gameworld "Mary Bu Clã aka Mary Witch" ID: 263227 Created right now all teams available, I will accept everyone. Let's go!
  15. Game World ID: 261915 New Game World with Empty Squads 220M to each team. Strong Economy. 1 Division, 14 Teams, 26 Matches. Open access!
  16. The best English championship is here: Talk the talk. Walk the walk. ID de l'Espace de Jeu : 238848 ALGERIA LFP MOBILIS: ID: 246368 Very Actif ! Youth Premier Division ID: 242959 !!! Young players academy Africa, Oceania & Asia ---> ID: 244901
  17. The Under 21 Challenge Championship Game World ID: 244675 Minimum of 8 managers needed to keep this game world open. Only the best and most loyal SM managers are wanted here! Are you up to the challenge? Can you last for the long haul? Not looking for managers who quit after a few games! No buying over the age of 21, small leagues for quick seasons, best teams start in the lower leagues. Very rich economy. Build your team of youth talent and see who flourishes in the future. Come on!!!!
  18. Waiting for my game world to fill up, lots of spaces left Game World ID: 243229
  19. Welcome to the Denia Premier League, where you will have to earn your way to Division 1. ID: 242214 5 Divisions of English Teams. First rule, you have to start in Division 5. If all teams are taken, sorry, you'll have to wait until next season. If you are a team that is promoted, you will have a chance to leave your current team, for a new team. This is how that will go. 1st place, will get the first drawing. It will be out of all the current Division 3 and Division 4 teams, excluding the newly promoted managers teams. I will draw 3 of those teams out of a hat, an
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