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Found 16 results

  1. Im from Argentina, the ID is 403213.. 12 days left
  2. *GAME WORLD 380010* Brand new game world open now! Come join plenty of clubs free!
  3. *NEW GAME WORLD OPEN* Come join!
  4. *GAME WORLD 380010* Brand new game world open now! Come join plenty of clubs free!
  5. *GAME WORLD 380010* Brand new game world open now! Come join plenty of clubs free!
  6. *GAME WORLD 380010* Brand new game world open now! Come join plenty of clubs free!
  7. Here's the game world I.D. I'd greatly appreciate it if you joined. Thanks in advance if you do. Game World ID: 378719
  8. JOIN GAMEWORD ID: 369405 ✔ High Reputation Managers ✔Active Community ✔ Thriving Transfer Market New season just begun, secure your club today!
  9. Hi, Just looking for some help regarding advanced rule changes after completing a few seasons. I am looking to up the Economy Level as teams are struggling to stay out of debt. If I alter this will the squads empty, and everyone will be back to the start with no players? Club squads were “Empty” at the beginning and if I apply this new rule does the squad rule also apply? Thanks for advance with any assistance.
  10. New season starting in World Championship 5741 (ID: 26876). And I will sell Chiellini, Bale and Aguero to the highest bidder for the new season! Teams available include: Real Madrid - Modric, Benzema, James Rodriguez, Mascherano, Isco, Casemiro, Varane, Keylor Navas Bayern - Muller, Robben, Alcantara, Vidal, Douglas Costa Juventus - Higuain, Matuidi, Pjanic, Marchisio Ath Madrid - Diego Costa, Oblak, Juanfran, Gabi Liverpool - Firmino, Mane, Salah, Sturridge Chelsea - Courtois, Willian, Pedro, David Luiz Man Utd - Ibra, Matic, Mata, Mkhitaryan Man City - David Silva, Gundo
  11. I'm a long time player and know how the concerns work but in one of my game worlds Aguero has gone up in concern level 3 times in what seems a fairly short space of time i.e weeks. He's made 32 starts and one sub appearance and still went up to level 3. Sanchez just got a level 1 concern with 30 starts and 2 sub appearances and that seems a little harsh. Kompany also got a concern with 32/1 start/sub appearances too. I had a concern review in my game world today and also one 8 days ago.... usually I manager concerns really well but in one season for a player to go from no concern to level
  12. e creado un nuevo mundo Game World ID: 364176 los invito. i create new world game Game World ID: 364176 come on.
  13. Please join my new game world 341185.
  14. Hola muchachos aca les dejo una liga recien echa! :DDDD
  15. Apply for any team, first come first serve. Enjoy
  16. Game World ID: 261915 New Game World with Empty Squads 220M to each team. Strong Economy. 1 Division, 14 Teams, 26 Matches. Open access!
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