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Found 8 results

  1. I'm in a gameworld where a manager is conducting many one sided deals with about 4 or 5 other managers (or dupe accounts, they never manage the team lineups, they only make the dodgy deals). I continue to report these deals because theyre blatant, formulaic and repeated with managers moving round clubs to aid this one team. Heres some examples of the most recent deals: W.CARVALHO £11.8M Colchester United to Ipswich Town £2.0M + A.LAFONT + B.FERNANDES R.GAGLIARDINI £14.0M Colchester United to Portsmouth £3.0M + J.PICKFORD + N.OTAMENDI E.BAILLY£14.0M Colchester
  2. So you cant currently report suspected multiple acounts in game worlds. Not sure how long this had been the case but its allow cheats to ruin gameworlds. Dont think it will ever return? SMW is basically dead at this point I think if anyone can come and ruin a long standing gameworld. Devs dont bother to respond on twitter. Such a shame as I enjoyed the minimal game style for many years.
  3. Um dos problemas que mais incomoda no soccer é o período de inatividade que o jogo permite aos treinadores. 30 dias é muito prejudicial para um jogo que tem dois jogos semanalmente, além disso é possível entrar no jogo até pelo próprio celular. isso contribui muito para várias contas que seja utilizadas para fazer trapaças continuem disponíveis no jogo. Poderia se promover uma redução desse tempo, para 15 dias, ou até mesmo, 10 dias.
  4. JOIN GAMEWORD ID: 369405 ✔ High Reputation Managers ✔Active Community ✔ Thriving Transfer Market New season just begun, secure your club today!
  5. Hello there. This is my first post in the forum and I am kinda nervous about that, just because I am not really a newbie in Soccer Manager World, but I never had enough courage to post or interact with other players. So, long story short. I just made an English Championship World 368209 to make some new friends and meet new people with same interest in English football and has a interaction with Soccer Manager. Currently, this game world has every English team available, and I really hope you will join as soon as possible. I do not have high expectation about the players, so every fo
  6. Real Madrid available in GW 1402, id :6028. Lots of teams available, lots of cash to be spent. Hurry before the vultures circle!
  7. Carpe Diem ACKNOWLEDGEMENTS I am fairly sure after years of soccermanager.com there is not much likelihood of a totally new concept so I shall take this moment to recognise the work done by Ashtini and Noisy (were there others - if so sorry I missed you) in RC1, 2 and 3 and BenC with FFP. I have borrowed some of the concepts from the latest versions of these GW's as a basis to what we have conceived. In addition my partners in crime in formulating this concept have been (using their forum names) Pedrooliveria - for his advice and assistance in gettin
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