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  1. "BEST OF 3" BASIC SETUP RULES: Beat "The BIG 3" - Real, Barcelona and Bayern - before they beat you! Win ANY three Competitions with your club. If "the Big 3" clubs (separate or together) win three competitions* the Setup ends. *Setup end is triggered by (1) The first human player winning three trophies; (2) Any of "The Big 3" winning 3 trophies (individually or together). INVITATION ONLY SETUP THIS WILL BE A FAST SETUP. FIRST MANAGER TO WIN 3 TROPHIES WINS. IF "THE BIG 3" WIN ANY THREE TROPHIES THE SETUP ENDS. SETUP CONSISTS OF: 1 Division 12 Teams: 9 Human / 3 AI Default Squads No Relegation or Promotion Starting With 300M Very Rich Economy CLUBS AVAILABLE (all former European Champions Cup Winners) Ajax (Phil Cook) Borussia Dortmund (Victor Maverick) Celtic (Huddo) Crvena Zvezda (Pedro a.k.a. Diego Simeone) FC Porto (HMOCC) Hamburger SV (Rahul) Nottingham Forest (Jamie) Olympique Marseille (Flicksandtricks810 ?) Steaua Bucureşti (Barça Kes) TRANSFER RULES THE 1st Transfer Rule is: NO BUYING FROM • "The Big 3" - Real / Barcelona / Bayern (Not allowed as they will be unmanaged anyway) • English Premier League Clubs • Spanish La Liga Clubs • Italian Serie A Clubs. • Unmanaged Clubs Obviously some teams are already better than others squad-wise. Expect Nottingham Forest to be busier in the transfer market than Porto or Dortmund so... THE SECOND TRANSFER RULE IS: TEAMS CAN ONLY BUY (up to) 9 PLAYERS (max.) PER SEASON This means managers will have to use some players of their default squad. During the first season Porto and Dortmund will only be allowed to buy 3 players each as a competitive handicap. During following seasons everyone will be back under the same rules. THE THIRD (and final) TRANSFER RULE IS: ONLY ONE MANAGER/CLUB CAN BID FOR EACH PLAYER. First Manager to bid gets to complete the transfer if he/she wants to. If they give up on the bid or the bid collapses then any manager can automatically bid for that player including the manager who withdrew or saw the bid collapse. If someone successfully bids after a withdrawn or collapsed bid then no other bids are allowed again. REMEMBER This game is about decision-making speed, not who bids more money. Find the right players for your squad and get to them before others do. Bidding will only start when all 9 human managers have taken control AND only when I give the green light. I will give the clubs with weaker default squads - N. Forest, C. Zvezda, Steaua and Celtic a 24 hours head start. Then Ajax and Hamburger SV (another 24 hours) and finally Porto and Dortmund. This will hopefully make the setup fairer*. *There are no other transfers rules. No players' concerns, no SMFA blocking transfers, no Transfer windows, no squad cap or budget cap. REMEMBER: 1. NO BUYING FROM: THE BIG 3 + EPL (ENG), LA LIGA (SPA) or SERIE A (ITA) clubs 2. TEAMS CAN ONLY BUY 9 PLAYERS (max.) PER SEASON 3. ONLY ONE MANAGER/CLUB CAN BID FOR EACH PLAYER NOTE: All teams will have to post their completed transfers on the in game message wall so we are all clear. This is easy just copy and paste from the "IN" transfer page. And this is it. Please let me know if you are interested and I will send you the game ID. Cheers! hmocc
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