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Found 3 results

  1. Ok so staring off.. I have a huge problem managing the books I had to sell alot of players and to get out of the negative red zone and debt so my team is now down to like 19 players. Anyway regardless if i win, loose, move up the table in the division or do anything. The difference between the income and expenditure each week makes me loose money.. And i dont know how to increase the income thats coming from sponsors or tb revenue and i dont even know what r they based on one time its a number the other week is zero. I moved from the 17th place in the league to the 4th a
  2. Ive made a huge mistake guys, signed multiple super stars, and now that I am looking at it their bloody weekly wage is going to eat me up. At this moment im upposed to lose 2 million every week. My mere income of 200k aint enough to cancel out the wages of 2.4 million per week. I cant release players because the chaiman wont let me release anyone, I cant trade players away because most are transferred banned, and I cant sell players because im playing in a 10 person league, the AI wont bid on any of my players although I list them up for minimum. What the hell do I do?
  3. When playing at home gives me very little money 70k or so and when I play without take me 2 million , will come a time I will stay out of money because of this , before it was upside down when playing at home gave me more money than I shook when he played out . And I can not sell more players because I have 21. Does anyone know it is because this problem in finance ? Thanks.
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