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Found 24 results

  1. Hi all, a mate of mine has started a new game world (world championship). ID is 422060. Feel free to join
  2. 2 new game worlds to join 396601 English League 396602 Spanish League
  3. Me and my friends opened a new European Championship, we are willing to accept everyone just to start the leauge, you're more than welcome to join guys, thanks. id : 387645
  4. Here's the game world I.D. I'd greatly appreciate it if you joined. Thanks in advance if you do. Game World ID: 378719
  5. Hi, In the World Game 378216 you will find a new english League, just created and still in the pre-season. We are currently 7 and we would like to have more team managed by real people. Fell free to join!
  6. Game World ID 377668 - League of The Greatest Looking for managers to join this Game World, featuring 80 of the greatest clubs in the World. This Game World has just been created and all clubs are currently available. Please join for a competitive, fair experience and invite as many people as possible to try to fill the Game World.
  7. Come join my brand new game world! All the best clubs in the world are available! Hurry quick! Game World ID 368383
  8. Hi i have made a new game world id 357460. All the teams are currently available . Please join as soon as possible. Invite your friends too ?????
  9. (id is 347739 again.)Guys pls join my game world it is awesome a european championship i just created this world and i need at least 5 managers to join to keep this game world going and actually playableso if u guys help me out that would be awesome thanks. and btw to join u needto type the id it's: 347739
  10. (id is 347739 again.)Guys pls join my game world it is awesome a european championship i just created this world and i need at least 5 managers to join to keep this game world going and actually playableso if u guys help me out that would be awesome thanks. and btw to join u needto type the id it's: 347739
  11. New European game world with many teams except my AC Milan available. Join now so the season starts by using the game world ID: 341684 Good luck everyone!
  12. HI I have played soccer manager for a few years had a break and it's the first time I have made a game world. Currently there are no rules in terms of spending a certain amount of the budget so you're free to do as you wish. The new game world ID is 341095 There are plenty of teams available in the world championship game world and the season will begin once we get at least 10 people Thanks and hope you join my game world
  13. English Championship 29898 ID:219826 Managers:4 Game world was very interesting,but now lack of managers.There are a lot of intersting unmanaged clubs. So please,join. Available Clubs: Arsenal (Hazard,Ozil,Cazorla,Koscielny,Cech,Ramsey.Wilshere) Manchester United(De Gea.Mata,Rooney,Schweinsteiger,Herrera Tottenham(LLoris,Lamela,Dembele,Kane,Eriksen,Verthongen) And a lot more.
  14. Hello everyone I just want to quickly advertise a GameWorld that I've been a part of since 2014 and it's still going strong. I'll post a few positive facts about the GameWorld and if you think that you'd enjoy being a part of this league, then please do join. The league is active and every manager usually logs in every 1 - 3 days. (There's currently 14/20 clubs managed) The league is definitely competitive and the league history is proof of that (3 different managers have won in the past 3 seasons) The league has a lot of the managers communicating with each other whether it's regarding negotiating, replying to posts or just simply posting a match review in the news feed. Most of the managers are unselfish and willing to negotiate the sales of players. (Including myself) The league is now into it's 22nd season and still quite activate considering it's a custom GameWorld (14 matches have already been played) So if anyone is interested in joining this league, the GameWorld ID is 6062
  15. new game ID de Monde de Jeu 323177 championnat du monde
  16. HI EVERYONE, WE HAVE GOT A GREAT GAME WORLD IN ACTION HERE BELOW IS THE RULES COME JOIN APPLY SOME REALLY GOOD PLAYERS INVOLVED AND SOME REALLY NICE PEOPLE. THERE IS PLENTY OF FUN AND JOKES TO BE HAD ON THE MATCH DAYS THIS GAME IS FOR PEOPLE WHOM COMMITTEE TO A CLUB AND BRING THEM ALL THE WAY TO THE TOP! MEANING EVENTUALLY IT WILL BE ALL THE LOWER TEAMS WHOM MAKE IT TO THE TOP! OR WILL IT? Choose a lower league team bring them all the way to the top plenty of team available you pick a team and stick with that team! Everyone get promoted eventually so its a great league come join the "Legends Of England". Game World ID: 271966 | Season: 1 | Turn: 7 Division 4 and 5 start of only !! DONT DELAY APPLY NOW!! BEST REGARDS TO ALL JJD
  17. Algerian Championship 1 -The time has come to add Algeria in game worlds Soccer manager ! -I Suggest 1 division with 16 teams as in real life. -I have already added several stadiums on soccerway. -Big clubs like: JS Kabylie, ES Sétif, MC Alger, USM Alger, CR Bélouizdad... deserve their place in SM. -1 Division with 16 clubs: ASM Oran, CR Belouizdad, CS Constantine, DRB Tadjenanet, ES Sétif, JS Kabylie, ASO Chlef, MC Alger, Paradou AC, MC Oran MO Béjaïa NA Hussein Dey, MC El Eulma, JSM Béjaïa USM Alger, USM Blida, USM El Harrach. - I create a league, but not with these criteria: Algeria LFP Mobilis ---> (ID:246368)
  18. I need managers to fill up my game world (I currently only have 3), its a small but competitive game world with 2 divisions with 10 teams in each division. It contains some of the best clubs around the world.
  19. The Under 21 Challenge Championship Game World ID: 244675 Minimum of 8 managers needed to keep this game world open. Only the best and most loyal SM managers are wanted here! Are you up to the challenge? Can you last for the long haul? Not looking for managers who quit after a few games! No buying over the age of 21, small leagues for quick seasons, best teams start in the lower leagues. Very rich economy. Build your team of youth talent and see who flourishes in the future. Come on!!!!
  20. Economy rich 5 divisions the best teams of america and europe ID:245300 Economia rica 5 divisiones los mejores equipos de america y europa ID:245300
  21. Waiting for my game world to fill up, lots of spaces left Game World ID: 243229
  22. Brand new game world, 300 million budget, fresh teams. Does it sound interesting? Well, then simply send a friend request to messielle@gmail.com in SM and I'll accept you and offer you a club / you will be able to join a club. 8 persons needed for the Game World to start, we're currently 2. Don't hesitate, just join!
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