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Found 11 results

  1. Please join my freshly created gameworld
  2. Hi! This is gonna be a rather long dissertation about all changes, updates and features that SM need to stay fresh and keep attracting people. I would like to make clear that no impossible things are going to be requested here, just achievable and reasonable features based on my experience that will for sure make SM Worlds better. I also know that this is a business and there are people working behind it who do obviously want to be remunerated for their work, hence, I'll not mention anything that makes Gold subscription less valuable or discourages people from buying it, but due to me not being a Gold Manager I have to say that I don't know if any of the things I'm going to mention are only avaible for Gold Managers. If it happens, just ignore it. I don't know if this post is going to be read by SM Worlds developers, but anyways I'm gonna try. I read on their blog that they are going to implement some changes in september due to the 15th anniversary, so I though this would be a good moment to post this. You are of course invited to share your opinion and features you would like to see. The more we are, the more attention the will pay!. Having said that, let's begin! Tactical Related Issues - It is not clear which ADVANTAGES and DISADVANTAGES do each OPTION have and what is it GOD or BAD AGAINST. Example 1: Hard Tackling makes players fight more intensely the ball, which makes rivals have less possession and defenders receive more cards. That's ok, but, does it translate into defenders losing their position more easily and the creating spaces? If this were true, shouldn't I use HARD TACKLING against rivals who play DIRECT PASSING, FAST TEMPO or ATTACKING MENTALITY because these options make attackers exploit those holes better? If the only negative impact of Hard tackling is receinving more cards, why should I choose SOFT/TIMID TACKLING? Just to prevent players from receiving cards while allowing rivals to have a lot of possession? Or does it have any tactical advantage such as countering FAST TEMPO or DIRECT PASSING, because players will close holes instead of going for the ball? Then TIMID/SOFT would be better against widely stronger teams, but it is not clear because nothing inside the games indicates it directly or indirectly. Example 2: Counter attacks are basically fast pushes done when ball has been recently recovered near to your area, when rivals are bad positioned due to previous attacks. Then, does COUNTER ATTACK option work better if FAST TEMPO, DIRECT/LONG BALL and OWN AREA/HALF PRESSURE have been chosen? If I chosse COUNTER ATTACK without these options, will it just not work as good as if I had or will it be worse, being then a mistake choosing it? Example 3: Foot. It is well known that a LEFT-HANDED WINGER playing on the LEFT SIDE will have it EASIER to ASSIST, while if he plays on the RIGHT SIDE it will be BETTER for him to SHOOT. Same happens with FORWARDS on two strickers formations, where the LEFT-HANDED should play on the RIGHT SIDE and viceversa, while for MIDFIELDERS and DEFENDERS it works the other way around. But the question is, does it APPLY for SM or is it just INNOCUOS? Should I WORRY about the GOOD FOOT of the PLAYERS BOUGHT? HELP option inside the game LITERALLY says "This is the player's strongest foot. If a player is left footed and plays on the right hand side their performance may be affected", then, should I undersntad that players always WORK BETTERT when SIDE fits their FOOT? I could tell more examples, but I think this is enough to get the idea. I think that in SM there should be explained clearly somewhere the advantages and disadvantages of each tactical option so we can figure out what is it good or bad against, how does feet affect, etc. Below I'll leave a list with all the issues I remember. In my opinion, this is the most important point because a lot of people have doubts about it and the HELP section only provides a fluffy and sometimes confusing idea about each one, and due to this game being a manager game I think that fixing this is extremely important, not just for the sake of fun but for the one of sense. - Do MORAL AFFECT player's PERFORMANCE or is it just an INDICATOR of how close are they of REQUESTING a TRANSFER? - How much do STAMINA harm player's performance? A 90 rating player at 90% STAMINA plays better than a 88 rating player at 100%? What is the equivalence? - How much do EXCESS SUBSTITUTIONS HARM PERFORMANCE? Do ONE SINGLE SUBSTITUTION AFFECT or NOT? And many other issues like this that I invite you to mention below. Transfers, Player Search and Bargain - In my opinion, PLAYABLE teams WITHOUT MANAGER should NOT be allowed to SELL their BEST PLAYERS. This DISCOURAGES PLAYERS from selecting these teams and ACCUMULATES BEST PLAYERS in A FEW TEAMS. This point is probably the most debatable that I'm gonna mention in this post because it may have also negative consecuences, such as impossibility to buy a player from a team that no player wants. However, in those leagues where almost all teams are always managed this negative issue would have no effect, while being really positive for the overall balance of the squads. - Possibility to OFFER MORE PLAYERS: SOMETIMES, especially when negotiating for HIGH RATING PLAYERS, offering only TWO in EXCHANGE is NOT ENOUGH. It is pretty common to offer many young-low rating promises when trying to buy a <91 young player, but these use to be TITULAR PLAYERS and a reliable REPLACEMENT probably has to be OFFERED, not being enough just 2 slots for the trade. However, for those trades where one part is an unmanaged team, the current rule of two slots should stay since 3 or more could be abusive. This point is also debatable, but I don't think it would have negative consecuences. -Possibility to OFFER LOANS as PART OF a TRADE: The possibility to offer a LOAN in a TRANSFER OPERATION should be CONDITIONED to the loan being SEASON LONG without POSSIBILITY to CANCEL it, which this will be approached later on in the loans section. Offering loan as part of a trade would be cool in my opinion because gives more options for bargaining, but not extremely necessary as others things are, thus I don't think this is a priority. I think that ONLY MANAGED TEAMS should be allowed to INCLUDE this, because it would be hard to implement and a SOURCE OF CHEATING for npc teams, but an interesting option for players. - Possibility to CHOOSE WHEN to SELL a LVL 5 CONCERN player. I find fair that good players who don't play request a transfer that will be done no matter what, it helps balancing the game and prevents teams from holding dozens of good players, but I think that if the manager wants to sell the player earlier on once the operation has started to depend on Club Owner, he should have an option for that. - More OPTIONS for PLAYER SEARCH tool: for some reason, player searcher does not allow us to choose the set of positions and age that we want. We can just look for players between 15, 18, 21, 25, 30, 35 and +35, instead of choosing the age we prefer, which I find senseless. Similarly, if we want a player able to some exact positions we have to check one by one until finding one, because "position bundles" avaible only allow you to search for Goalkeepers, Defense(R,L or C), Midfielders(R,L or C), etc. and if you want some to play, for example, D(L), M(L) and AM(L) or any other set of positions that includes different parts of the field (Deff, Mid, AM, etc.) or both sides but not center you have to check one by one until finding one! This can not be hard to change and would make using that tool way faster and confortable. Personally, I believe that this is EXTREMELY necessary because it is super easy to implement and really rewarding. A searcher that allowed us to simply click and select any set of features that we wanted would be the best possible system in my opinion, in order to find as quick as possible the player that fits the best in our squad. - PART EXCHANGE PREFERENCE on TRANSFER LISTED players: when we decide to transfer a player we use to know what we would like to get in exchange, either money or a trade, but also the age and rol of the player we want in exchange, thus this information could be included in the transfer listed player for the potential sellers to see and decide more accurately their offer. To be honest, I do not remember any other unconfortable aspect related to transfer system. I think that price boundarys imposed by club owner are not really restrictive and trading system works pretty well. Delays are fair and I find everything else ok. Another options such as deferred payment could be added, but it would be quite controversial and we should only think about it once everything else were working properly, especially the money system that I´ll talk about later. Loans - More OPTIONS for LOAN BARGAIN, such as DURATION, % OF WAGE TO PAY by each SIDE and CANCELATION FEE: loans work horribly bad, and this is especially relevant for small teams in those leagues like english ones where there are 80 teams, whose squads tend to depend a lot on a loaned player that can be calledd back by loaner whenever he wants, leaving the small team naked. Also, loans being season long can be quite risky because seasons in SM use to be 3 to 4 months long, having to fight with other teams for the player again once it ends, which makes loaning a not reliable option. A maximun of two seasons, possibility to bargain loan duration, possibility to demand cancelation fee (different for each side), maybe a minimun period in which the loaner (presumably big team) couldn't cancel the deal and the possibility to negotiate how much of the wage is to pay by each side would make loans more useful, reliable and intereseting tools to save some dollars and help small teams to be more competitive (which means more fun!), while allowing big ones to have a reserve of promising players that would never play on their teams but who could be really useful for weaker squads, helping the overall balance of the game. - EXTERNAL TEAMS as LOAN RECEIVERS: this is also controversial and non-priority, but it is good to mention. It is quite common that a lot of low rating loan listed players stay there for long periods of time without being demanded. This is necessary because blocks the possibility to buy hundreds of players and then give them on loan to external teams, saving money and owning them until they become super stars, which would make the game unbalanced. However, a maximun number of loaned out players would also block this, while allowing teams to get rid of part of the wages without it being abusive. Since unmanaged teams can't bargain, a classic loan offer like the actual ones would be more than enough for this purpose. Also the option for a managed team to request a player loaned out to an external team would be great to have, since the external team doesn't really care about it while the small managed one becomes more competitive. A maximun limit of 4 loaned out players should be enough. Also, this possibility to loan out low rating players that none wants to external teams would help low division teams to deal with their monetary issues while holding a reserve of promising young players as big teams do. Loans should be an important part of this game, but sadly it's not the case because of the insane amount of existing restrictions and low incentives. A limited squad size would also encourage this kind of trade. Squad Management (most of these features are good candidates to be exclusive for Gold Managers, which would be fair for me, although I'm not) - More OPTIONS for FILTER: exactly the same issue that player searcher. You can't choose the range of ages or exact positions you want to see, only selected bundles or order from more to less. There should also be an option to see players above or bellow (> or <) the stamina or moral we wanted, view only non injured and/or non banned players and a system able to implement all these restrictions at the same time. For example, if I want to see which players I should worry about of rival's squead, I would select players rated above 89 (for example), stamina above 90 and maybe only F(C) or D(L), so I can see easily which positions are stronger or weaker without having to look for them among the whole list of players. - Possibility to CREATE LISTS of PLAYERS: this one should exist at leas for Gold managers (I'm not), because I think it's basic. We all have in mind players we want to get rid of, we expect to get a higher rate, etc. and the possibility to create a list to separate them and just have on screen the players you want to see just in one click would be great. This could be also extended to the tactics section to just have on screen the players you desire. - MULTIPLE TRANSFER LIST: this option already exists to select players to put in loan list. This would be especially useful for when we pick a new team and we want to get rid of dozens of players, which is a quite common situation. The option to select all of them, then click on transfer list and get on screen a window with all their names, ages and values and simply select one by one but in the same screen how much to ask for them, or maybe just an "All part exchange" option would be great, doing this tedious task less annoying. Combine this with a list of "Part Exchange players" and you get the real definition of efficency. - NOTIFICATIONS: this one is simple but powerful. Just an option for a notification to appear when a player meeting some characterristics that you decide were transfer listed, for example. Something like "notify me when a >88 rating, <26 years old F(C) is put in transfer or loan list", and then a notification appears in the inbox. The polemic SQUAD SIZE and a FINANCE MANAGEMENT SYSTEM to fix the problem SQUAD SIZE ISSUE: One of the biggest issues SM Worlds NEEDS to fix is the disgusting tactic of BUYING lierally DOZENS of YOUNG PLAYERS hoping for some of them to become the new Messi and CR7. This is disgusting, unbalances the game and is absolutely away from reality. Why does this happen? Simple: no punishment exist. In real life such a tactic would be a bad idea because players need to play to get better and a 80 people squad would imply an insane expenditure on wages, but in SM Worlds it is irrelevant because money itself is useful, which is the next issue to approach. MONEY ISSUE: what do you need money for if you have bought literally all potential >90 players and it doesn't matter if you play their wages or not? The next implementation of stadium improvement may help fix this, but it may not be enough because there's another big problem with money. Sometimes cash becomes useless until the point that literally NONE would sell a good player in exchange of cash. --------------------------------------------- Hi! I've been writing this for a while and I'm a bit tired. I'll continue later or tomorrow. You can leave below what you would like to change, I'm leaving a short list. - Finance Clarity: make clear what maked you have more or less earning. Move up in league position, playing vs better teams, having better players, etc. and know exactly how much expect to win in each situation in order to create a balanced budget. - Penalization when in red numbers: the prohibition to buy new players is ok, but it is not enough. Kicking manager out of the team doesn't seem to be a good idea, but Club Owner may choose for you some players to sell and you would have to decide which ones, as it happens when players reach LVL 5 Concern. This would be a good way to prevent the buy 5000 players tactic withoug limiting squad sizes, whose negative impact may be harmful. -Cross-world Champions League: the SMFA Cup seems boring for me because most matchs are against external unmanaged teams. If it were against teams from other managed leagues (Like English League 1 vs English League 2, or maybe a random selection) it would be better and more fun, although teams and players were repeated. It would be like a fusion between Connect Game Worlds and Standard Game Worlds. To do it more realistic, it could be made with teams from each european one, like Spanish League 1 vs English League 1 vs Italian League 1 vs etc. and then mix minor leagues, latin america, asia, etc. but always confronting leagues with the same amount of active managers.
  3. All good Managers know their Player's Potential. Build your Team of the Future. 21 and Under League. Squad Cap @ 40 Can only buy places 78 or less. GW # 406373 Just finished season 5 with clubs from New Zealand and Australia. Close competition with quality managers. Two Division competition with nearly all teams filled in div 1. Do you have the commitment to build a team for the long term?
  4. Hi guys! Why does not the Juventus logo exist? 🤨
  5. GW 395238 Concept of Aust and NZ teams.. the Anzac Super League. The Australian and New Zealand Alliance Competition Super-league(ANZACs). No purchases over age 25. Season 2 just finished.. About to start it's third season.
  6. Me and my friends opened a new European Championship, we are willing to accept everyone just to start the leauge, you're more than welcome to join guys, thanks. id : 387645
  7. does the new SM Worlds have holiday mode available to gold managers? I have a team that i have been in charge of for 3 1/2 years and i'm going into the navy. but i don't want to lose control of it.
  8. For lovers of the training centers: these game worlds are for you! Youth Premier Division: ID: 242959 JS Kabylie [Reggae & Soccer Mama Africa League] ID: 250398
  9. Algerian Championship 1 -The time has come to add Algeria in game worlds Soccer manager ! -I Suggest 1 division with 16 teams as in real life. -I have already added several stadiums on soccerway. -Big clubs like: JS Kabylie, ES Sétif, MC Alger, USM Alger, CR Bélouizdad... deserve their place in SM. -1 Division with 16 clubs: ASM Oran, CR Belouizdad, CS Constantine, DRB Tadjenanet, ES Sétif, JS Kabylie, ASO Chlef, MC Alger, Paradou AC, MC Oran MO Béjaïa NA Hussein Dey, MC El Eulma, JSM Béjaïa USM Alger, USM Blida, USM El Harrach. - I create a league, but not with these criteria: Algeria LFP Mobilis ---> (ID:246368)
  10. Custom Gameworld "Mary Bu Clã aka Mary Witch" ID: 263227 Created right now all teams available, I will accept everyone. Let's go!
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